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Crowdfunding Platform For Bordeaux, France

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Crowdfunding in Bordeaux, France, is very easy. With the help of the WhyDonate platform, you can create a Fundraising campaign as an Individual or organisation for Free.

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About WhyDonate

WhyDonate is a global fundraising platform that connects charities with donors in an efficient, relevant, and fun way. We are one of the most trusted European crowdfunding platforms with more than 10+ Years of Experience and Trust in crowdfunding. Our goal is to provide fundraisers with a suitable platform where they can achieve their goals.

Crowdfunding Platform - Bordeaux, France

Best Crowdfunding Platforms in Bordeaux, France

Through crowdfunding, individuals and groups can raise money for their projects. Raising money from a crowd works by using the combined efforts of various people, such as friends and family, investors, and social media users. In France, crowdfunding is regulated by the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF), which is the country’s financial regulatory authority.

Crowdfunding Platform - Bordeaux, France

Crowdfunding in France has gained popularity as a means of financing a wide range of projects, from creative endeavours to business startups. It provides a way for entrepreneurs, artists, and social innovators to access funding and engage with their supporters and backers. Crowdfunding in France is regulated to protect both investors and project creators. The AMF has established rules and guidelines to ensure transparency, protect investors, and prevent fraudulent activities. Different regulations apply to each type of crowdfunding.

Here’s a brief overview of a crowdfunding campaign:

  1. Decide on your objective and the amount you want to raise. Who will gain from it? What is the purpose of the campaign? Answers to these questions should be written down.
  2. Select the crowdfunding site that best fits your objectives and financial constraints. Consider what assistance you require in running your campaign and how the platform can assist you.
  3. Setting Up Crowdfunding Campaign
  • Register At WhyDonate
  • Input Fundraising Details
  • Tell Your Story
  • Customize Your Donation Page
  • Keep Adding Updates To Your Donation Page

4. Thank Your Donors

The crowdfunding tax depends on the project creator’s country location. For all individual project creators based in the European Union (EU), the VAT of their country of residency is applied to the commission rates mentioned in the above document.

Many Crowdfunding sites charge for fundraising, but If you are doing crowdfunding in Bordeaux, then WhyDonate is the best pocket-friendly choice. WhyDonate offers free donation page creation with no platform fee. However, there are some minimal payment processing fees that payment service providers charge to providers.

How to start a fundraiser?

Follow these 4 simple steps

Crowdfunding Platform - Bordeaux, France

1. Start A Fundraiser
Sign up on WhyDonate and create your fundraiser in minutes. Sign up as a person or an organisation.

Crowdfunding Platform - Bordeaux, France

2. Share Your Fundraiser
Share your fundraiser via Email, WhatsApp and other social media channels to reach as many donors as possible.

Crowdfunding Platform - Bordeaux, France

3. Receive The Donations
The donations are paid out automatically to your bank account on a monthly basis without any platform cost.

Crowdfunding Platform - Bordeaux, France

4. Thank Your Donors
Customize the automated “Thank You” email or send a personal message to your donors via the WhyDonate dashboard.

Crowdfunding Platform - Bordeaux, France

Start a Free Crowdfunding Campaign in Bordeaux

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Why Is WhyDonate The Best Fundraising Platform?

0% Platform Fee

WhyDonate charges 0% commission. You only pay the payment processing costs for iDEAL, PayPal, Bancontact, Credit Card etc.

Customer Support

Need help? WhyDonate customer service is available at all times via chat, email or telephone appointment.

Raising Money Worldwide

Collect donations from all over the world. WhyDonate has multiple currencies, languages ​​and payment methods.


The extensive dashboard shows all data about your fundraisers, donors and payouts.


In addition to your own network, reach 850,000+ donors and 1,000,000+ visitors per month on WhyDonate.

Get Started Right Away

Register in minutes and start raising money online immediately.

Instant Payouts

Have donations paid out immediately or wait for the automatic weekly or monthly payout.

Custom Branding

Add your own custom branding and content to fundraisers, donation forms and emails.

Security And Privacy

WhyDonate ensures secure donations and data. All information is stored encrypted and payments are secured by recognized institutions.

Charity Fundraising & Personal Crowdfunding

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WhyDonate makes online fundraising easy and accessible for charities and individuals all over the world. 0% platform fee, so let’s start.