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Crowdfunding Czech Republic

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Crowdfunding is gaining popularity in the Czech Republic. Ease of access, when it concerns financial resources, is a crucial factor in bringing ambitious projects that demand significant investments to fruition. Yet, in an age of expanding internet capabilities and evolving uses, people have discovered fresh ways to overcome this challenge.

Crowdfunding has been gaining immense favour in the Czech Republic, and choosing a crowdfunding platform has become increasingly complex, especially considering that there are around 20 crowdfunding platforms within the European Union. Several of which have gone global. Thus, here is a detailed list of some of the best online crowdfunding platforms in the Czech Republic. Have a good read if you plan to raise money through crowdfunding Czech Republic.

crowdfunding czech republic

Top Platforms For Crowdfunding Czech Republic

Let’s have a look at some of the best platforms for crowdfunding CZ has:

1. WhyDonate

WhyDonate European Fundraising Platform

Attaining the highly sought-after top spot, WhyDonate stands as the largest crowdfunding platform in Europe, dedicated to assisting those in need without the burden of financial constraints. For those seeking premium features without additional costs, WhyDonate represents the ideal choice for crowdfunding Czech Republic.

WhyDonate welcomes a diverse array of campaigns, spanning from non-profit initiatives to personal fundraising campaigns, empowering them to maximise their impact. Elevate your fundraising efforts to unprecedented levels by harnessing effective fundraising strategies, personalised branding options, our dedicated customer support, an extensive network of donors, and more – all with a 0%platform fee.

Pricing: No platform fees | Transaction Fee – 1.9% + € 0.25  

2. FinBee Czechia

FinBee Czechia logo

Established in Lithuania in 2015, FinBee is a rapidly expanding peer-to-peer lending and investment platform with a growing presence across Europe. Their primary mission is to identify creditworthy borrowers and deliver robust returns to our investors. 

The main focus of this crowdfunding cz web page is to facilitate potential startups and help in organising their gain of funds and attract investors to support their project or aid in the launching of their company. 

This allows the startup founders to focus on other things, such as improving their business model and executing plans that contribute to their company’s better stance in the market, instead of wasting time looking for potential investors. 

Pricing: Minimum investment is 100 CZK | Interest rates start from 12%

3. Znesnaze

Znesnaze logo

Znesnaze is a crowdfunding donation platform that focuses on reducing the time it takes to launch a crowdfunding campaign. It is based in the Czech Republic, and its founders have worked on several crowdfunding projects and the development of crowdfunding cz web pages since 2011. 

While the founders worked on crowdfunding before coming up with Znesnaze, the crowdfunding platform is relatively new to the industry. However, the potential project envisioned by the founders is quite innovative and impressive for a new platform.

Learn more about additional charges here.

4. GoGetFunding

GoGetFunding logo

GoGetFunding is a dedicated crowdfunding cz web page. Established in 2011, GoGetFunding has helped millions in gathering funds for charitable causes through the medium of their online platform. This platform is available globally.

What separates this site from others is that it features the allotment of fundraising teams and support campaigns to an individual seeking crowdfund; these teams help spread the word of the crowdfunding campaign and attract people to a particular case of their choosing. 

Transaction fees/Site fees: 4%

5. Donio

Donio logo

Donio is a popular website for crowdfunding Czech Republic. The online crowdfunding platform allows its users to launch campaigns for personal or philanthropic causes, whether it is expensive medical treatment of a particular individual or financing a person’s education. 

It is a platform that mainly focuses on a particular individual’s wants, not needs, and it is up to the person to share whatever project they wish to crowdfund on the platform.

Pricing details can be accessed here.

6. Hithit

Hithit logo

Hithit is a peculiar crowdfunding cz web page based in the Czech Republic in the sense that it supports crowdfunding for creative projects. The website is designed to cater to a select population, and it is usually in favour of artists and creators. 

The individual wishing to gather funds for a project may create a campaign explaining the product they want to make. The product, if widespread, then gains funds from the platform users, which facilitates investment for the artist.

What makes Hithit unique is that if the campaign does not collect the target amount, then the individual campaigning for a crowdfund does not get the money at all. This practice helps maintain users’ realistic goals, and the donors gain a sense of security as well. However, this may put off some people from using the platform.

Additional charges: For projects with target amounts less than CZK 200,000 or less than EUR 7,500 & 9% (+ VAT according to a statutory amount) from the total collected amount of the Project. 

1.5% + EUR 0.10 from each transaction + EUR 27,5 administration fee

Start Crowdfunding In The Czech Republic Today!

Crowdfunding has made it very simple to collect money to execute personal or industrial projects. It has made tracking down and running after investors redundant in this era. If the idea appeals to a large number of people, then the crowdfund is sure to excel. People like donating to good causes as it helps them validate the continued existence of humanity and goodwill amongst human beings. 

A well-planned crowdfunding effort ensures that the individual gathering funds avoid the worst risks concerning debts and high-interest rates levied by a bank loan. Having said that, it takes a careful thought process and flawless execution of plans to bring a crowdfunding campaign to potential success. Start your fundraising campaign in the Czech Republic today!

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