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Crowdfunding has become a convenient and trustworthy alternative to get funds, especially for non-profits and individuals without access to resources to fulfil their major requirements. As many platforms get more recognition globally, several new platforms have also emerged and stood out. 

Talking about crowdfunding Poland, the country has seen significant growth in thriving platforms that can help several individuals and organisations move forward and fulfil their dreams. In this blog, we have discussed some of the best platforms for crowdfunding in Poland. We’ve covered everything from pricing to advantages and disadvantages, so make sure you stay with us until the end!

What Are The Best Platforms For Crowdfunding Poland Has?

Here are some of the best platforms for crowdfunding Poland has:

1. WhyDonate

WhyDonate European Fundraising Platform

Securing the first position in the list of best platforms for crowdfunding in Poland, WhyDonate is the largest European crowdfunding platform. Launched in 2012, it has been the most significant cross-continent donation platform, helping businesses, non-profit organisations, and individuals to meet their financial obligations. 

With a 0% platform fee, you can receive donations and withdraw them whenever you want. You can start a fundraising campaign within minutes and use its custom branding feature to give a personal touch to your campaign. If you ever face any issues, customer service is ready to assist you without extra charges. 

You can also send automated thank-you letters to your supporters. With an extensive donor network of over 700,000 donors, meeting your fundraising goals has become easier than ever. 

Pricing: No Platform Fees | 1.9% + € 0.25 Transaction Fee 

2. 4Fund.com 

4fund logo

4Fund is a platform that provides numerous features to make your fundraising experience worth it. With over one million campaigns and 749,000 registered users, you can fundraise for international aid, social actions, animal welfare, etc. You can create your fundraiser within minutes and receive instant payments directly to your account. 

Their core services are free, but you can purchase various promotion and enhancement options as an organiser. The prices for the same can start from 1 euro and go up to 27 euro. 

Pricing: Enhancement Options – 1 EUR to 27 EUR| One Return Transaction – 0.5 EUR

3. PolakPotrafi

PolakPotrafi logo

PolakPotrafi is a Polish crowdfunding platform focusing mainly on creative campaigns like music, film, books, sports, art, etc. It’s the largest platform for crowdfunding Poland based on prizes. This was the first platform for crowdfunding in Poland that has got the recognition it has. It provides a flexible funding model where campaigners can choose whether to go with an all-or-nothing approach or take what you collect approach. 

Pricing: Contact For Pricing

4. Zrzutka

Zrzutka logo

Zrzutka translates to ‘collection’ in English, simply saying what this platform does. With localised support, diverse fundraising categories, and a transparent fee structure, it makes it easy for individuals and organisations to smoothly run their campaigns for crowdfunding in Poland. A user-friendly interface is also a big plus point for the users of this platform. 

Although this platform has a smaller global reach, competition is still there and compels you to focus a lot on your campaign. Users outside Poland must verify the currency options before opting for this platform.

Pricing: PLN 1.5 To PLN 108 For Premium Services 

5. Pomagam

Pomagam logo

At Pomagam, you can create a campaign for free and start raising money through crowdfunding Poland within a few minutes. If you want to promote your campaign yourself, you can effortlessly do that. However, if you’re going to take advantage of their services, you can opt for this paid option. Your advertisement will be featured on their daughter page Pomoc.pl

Pricing: 12% For Promoting 

6. Siepomaga

Siepomaga logo

Siepomaga is another platform made explicitly for crowdfunding Poland. It provides a space for individuals and organisations to launch campaigns and collect funds for a diverse range of needs, including medical treatments, charitable causes, personal projects, and more. Siepomaga aims to connect those in need with a supportive community of donors.

However, it has a limited global reach compared to other platforms, and the competition remains. Users may want to assess the platform’s measures for verifying campaign legitimacy and ensuring financial transaction security.

Pricing: 1.5% For Campaigners And Donors

7. GoGetFunding

GoGetFunding logo

GoGetFunding is a crowdfunding platform launched in 2011 from personal fundraising to fundraising for nonprofits. You can create crowdfunding campaigns without charges and leverage their extensive donor network. You’ll also get a fundraising coach to streamline the process.

However, the vast donor network can make it quite challenging to stand out from the crowd. Plus, the platform’s fee can be a little expensive for some people, but the success it provides is justified. 

Pricing: 4% Transaction Fees/Site Fees

Over To You!

In a nutshell, there are several platforms for crowdfunding Poland. In order to make an informed decision, you need to take several factors into account. Pricing plays a vital role in determining what features a platform offers. On top of that, the donor network is a considerable element that can add to your success. 

By reading about these platforms, we hope that you were able to choose the ideal platform for crowdfunding in Poland. If you want to enjoy premium features at no extra cost, start your crowdfunding campaign today at WhyDonate. Happy Fundraising!

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