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London Marathon 2024

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What Is The Goal Of The TCS London Marathon?

Participating in the TCS London Marathon for charity is a widely embraced and rewarding endeavour, with over £1 billion raised by our dedicated participants since 1981. Running for a cause has numerous advantages for both you and the charity you champion. Charities secure entries for the marathon, which they allocate to runners committed to raising a specified minimum amount – these are known as charity entries. This offers an excellent opportunity to contribute and secure a marathon spot if you missed out on the ballot.

Running For A Cause/ Charity

Supporting a charity through the marathon not only aids in fundraising but also brings tangible benefits to individuals and can significantly impact lives. Choosing a cause that has personally touched you or a loved one allows you to express gratitude and reciprocate the support received. 

Additionally, running for charity raises awareness, which is particularly beneficial for smaller or newer organisations. Wearing your charity’s logo on Marathon Day showcases its mission to a wide audience, and your online fundraising page educates sponsors about the charity’s impactful work.

Start A Marathon Fundraising Page To Contribute

How Can You Contribute?

You can take the help of an online fundraising website and start a fundraiser to support the causes financially. In order to help the charities remotely, anyone can start a fundraising campaign page with one of the most trusted crowdfunding platforms, WhyDonate, which not only offers the platform to everyone, including charities and individuals but also one of the most affordable options out there for such kind of charitable events.

WhyDonate fundraising website offers many exciting features like customised donation pages, the multi-currency feature, donation tax receipts, and personalised thank you emails. WhyDonate is highly user-friendly and also available in many other languages for convenience.

When Is The London Marathon 2024?

The 2024 TCS London Marathon is scheduled for Sunday, April 21, 2024. The marathon is one of the most popular marathons in the world and has been held annually since 1981. The marathon route passes through many of London’s landmarks, including Buckingham Palace, The Cutty Sark, Tower Bridge, and Canary Wharf. Over 500,000 people have already applied via a ballot to participate in the marathon.

London Marathon 2024

How To Enter London Marathon 2024?

There are many ways one can be a part of the TCS London Marathon –

1. TCS London Marathon MyWay

The TCS London Marathon MyWay lets you walk or climb hills to finish 26.2 miles in your own way on Marathon Day. If you can’t do the 26.2 miles on Marathon Day due to religious reasons or if you need more time because of a disability, that’s okay – you can still be a part of it! If you can’t participate on Marathon Day for religious reasons, just complete your 26.2 miles the next day that works for you. Remember, you’ll need to share your results manually, not through the Official TCS London Marathon App because that’s only for Marathon Day.

2. London Marathon Ballot Entry

The TCS London Marathon Ballot is similar to a lottery. If you win, you get a spot in the next marathon edition, which you can secure by paying within a specified time. No cash prizes, just a chance to participate.

3. International Tour Operators

Many international tour operators offer places in the mass edition of the 2024 TCS London Marathon.

4. Charity Entry

Every year, major charities receive TCS London Marathon spots through Golden and Silver Bond schemes. These are given to runners who commit to raising a minimum amount for the charity. As spots are limited, charities often choose based on the participant’s connection to the cause and fundraising ability. They may ask questions and request a registration fee when you apply for your charity place.

5. Good For Age Entry

Run the virtual TCS London Marathon within the specified time, and you can apply for a Good For Age place. If only your virtual marathon time qualifies, also provide evidence of an in-person half-marathon meeting the required time.

6. British Athletics Club Entry

British Athletics-affiliated clubs can receive guaranteed entries for the 2024 TCS London Marathon. The allocated entries depend on the count of first claim members above 18 registered with British Athletics at the club.

Run To Save Lives

Beyond financial contributions, running the TCS London Marathon for charity serves as motivation during training. Knowing that you’re supporting a worthy cause can be a powerful incentive, helping you persevere through challenging moments. The experience is not just about the run – it offers the chance to connect with like-minded individuals, make new friends during training and charity events, and enjoy the overall camaraderie on the marathon day. Embrace the joyous journey of running the TCS London Marathon for a cause!

Sign up for London Marathon 2024, and good luck to everyone who wants to make this world a better place! 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️ Join the journey, and make a difference!

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