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Innovative PTA Fundraising Ideas That Build Stronger Communities

PTA Fundraising Ideas

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PTA fundraising ideas refer to activities organised by Parent-Teacher Associations (PTAs) with the intent of raising funds for schools. These associations aim to generate funds to bolster educational programs, resources, extracurricular activities or school facility improvements. PTAs often organise these initiatives in order to involve their communities while raising needed funds to improve school environments.

In this blog, we will explore some of the most influential PTA fundraising ideas you can utilise to raise funds for your school. So make sure you stand by and choose the best PTA fundraising ideas!

pta fundraising ideas

What Are The Best PTA Fundraising Ideas?

Here are the best PTA fundraising ideas of all time:

1. Create An Online Fundraising Campaign

If you want a hassle-free fundraising experience along with reaching a wider audience apart from the school, creating an online fundraising campaign is the best option for you. By creating a campaign online, you can not only save the preparation time but also build a community of supporters worldwide. 

WhyDonate is the most extensive European crowdfunding campaign that enables individuals and organisations to leverage its broad donor network. Apart from providing numerous excellent features like custom branding, multi-currency, peer-to-peer fundraising, etc., it allows you to raise money at a 0% platform fee. WhyDonate’s main motive is to help those who need funds without making them compromise. 

2. Host School Fests

Hosting school fests is a great way to raise money and organise a lovely day for the students and their parents. You can arrange games, magic shows, shopping stalls, and fun rides to make the fest a huge success. These events, pulsating with energy and activities, offer a vibrant platform for students, parents, and the local community to come together. 

You can partner with small businesses to have stalls in the fest and charge a certain amount that can go directly to your fundraiser. You can also charge an entry fee for outsiders to get more engagement in the event. You can even invite a renowned personality and get more entries because of their fandom. 

3. Conduct A Talent Show

Conducting a talent show can be an excellent opportunity to let the students showcase what they really love outside of school. This can also contribute to boosting their self-confidence and having a sense of appreciation for their talent. 

Schools are meant to support the students and contribute to their growth. You can organise a talent show to let them exhibit their true passions beyond the confines of the school environment. You can charge a registration fee and get participation. Don’t forget to send invitations to parents!

4. Organise A Book Fair

Another one of the best PTA fundraising ideas is organising a book fair. Book fanatics would never miss an opportunity to visit a book fair. What could be better if the fair was held at their own schools? 

You can partner with bookstores, aspiring authors and poets, and publishers to have a variety of choices for the readers. You can also invite a popular author to the school and hold an interactive session; this is a great way to let book lovers connect directly with the author. 

5. Host An Art Competition

We never know how much creativity people hold in their minds unless a sheet of paper and colours is given to them. You can conduct an inclusive art competition where teachers, students, parents and other staff members can showcase their creativity. Let the colours unveil the real beauty of the mind of an artist. Collect a registration fee, and all proceeds will directly support the fundraiser.

best pta fundraising ideas

6. Conduct A Read-A-Thon

In a read-a-thon, you can encourage students to participate and read as much as possible. The more they’ll read, the more sponsors they’ll get. You can also set a particular time frame or maximum number of books a student can read. 

You must create a friendly and encouraging environment to make the students feel confident. You can conduct small games for those students who aren’t participating. This is one of the best PTA fundraising ideas to keep the crowd engaged, and nobody will get bored.

7. Organise A School Picnic

School picnics are the best because everyone can de-stress in a day away from work and studies. You can also find a sponsor for the picnic to cover the expenses and contribute to your fundraiser as well. 

Sponsorships are basically deals where sponsors manage all the expenses and get exposure in return. This is an effective marketing strategy used by several organisations that not only helps them to come into people’s eyes but also helps someone by providing financial support. 

8. Host A Sports Day

On a sports day, you can have multiple sports competitions in a day. You can either have inter-house or inter-school contests. You can also find sponsors to help cover the costs. You can also charge a registration fee for the participants and an entry fee for outsiders. This money can go directly to the fundraiser. Athletes will compete for gold, silver and bronze medals or trophies that will be helpful for their future endeavours.

9. Conduct A Cooking Competition

A cooking competition is a great way to enrol students and teachers and form teams for a cook-off. The competition can revolve around different themes, cuisines, or cooking techniques. You can charge an entry fee or directly ask to donate any amount for the fundraiser. Invite anyone who wishes to participate and have an excellent culinary showdown. 

10. Execute A Trivia Game

A trivia night/quiz contest is a great way to test your students’ knowledge. You can provide a syllabus to the participants and give them time to prepare themselves. You can also offer a niche instead of a proper syllabus. For example, football history is a good topic that interests many students. Pick a topic that interests many students to ensure maximum participation.

PTA Fundraising

Over To You!

So these were some of the best PTA fundraising ideas that are not only innovative but also fun to execute. You can encourage the parents to participate along with their kids and add to the liveliness of the events. Fundraising events can sometimes need a lot of planning and preparation, but the outcome is undoubtedly rewarding, especially when it involves students’ participation. 

You can let the students unwind for some time by utilising any of these ideas. No matter which fundraising event you organise, we suggest you create a side-by-side online fundraising campaign to help you reach a wider audience outside the school. So start your fundraiser at WhyDonate at a 0% platform fee!

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