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What Is a Service Dog?

Service dogs are professionally trained dogs that give people with disabilities more freedom and a more independent life. For example, people with visual or physical disabilities or chronic diseases. They can also act as companions for teens and adults. The service dog best known to many is the guide dog for the blind. However, there are many types of service and guide dogs.

How Much Does A Service Dog Cost?

Training service dogs cost a lot of money. The average service dog costs are between €25,000 and €40,000. Of course, few people have that much money lying around, so they look for ways to get a service dog allowance. Health insurers only reimburse if you have a physical disability, such as a visual impairment or a severe physical disability. In that case, for example, a guide dog is considered. This does not apply to people who need assistance dogs for diseases like PTSD, Autism or other mental illness.

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How To Get A Service Dog?

Service dogs are not only for people with physical complaints but also for the following purposes:

ADA Service Dogs (or ADL Service Dogs) perform up to 70 different actions for people with a dysfunction as a result of, for example, muscle disease, multiple sclerosis, stroke or brain haemorrhage (CVA), spinal cord injury, dystrophy, spasms or other consequences of an accident.

People with epilepsy rarely dare to leave the house. Some people can’t go to the store or go for a walk alone. What if you are just out shopping or having a seizure in the middle of the street? Aside from discomfort and embarrassment, it can lead to physical damage such as concussions and fractures. Epilepsy often leads to social isolation. The world is very small. People with epilepsy most often need someone to be with or to go somewhere. Epilepsy Dogs (or Seizure dogs) help you!

What can you do with a service dog trained for autism? These service dogs are trained to support the expansion of social circles. To independently send messages, travel, make contacts, complete daily activities, or complete an education. In addition, anxiety, overstimulation and dependence on caregivers and counsellors are significantly reduced.

Some (former) military personnel, police officers or people in similar professions suffer from anxiety attacks, nightmares, insomnia, social isolation and other post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). A specially trained PTSD service dog may be the solution. This ensures peace and regularity and gives you more freedom of movement. PTSD service dogs also have the practical skills they use to support their owners. This way he can wake up his boss in case of a nightmare.

A psychiatric service dog is a collective term for various assistance dogs. This includes many of the above examples, but also service dogs for ADHD, anorexia, depression, anxiety disorders, or other psychological problems. Here, for example, Psychosocial assistance dogs can support self-development. A companion that provides support in areas where tension and anxiety are experienced. The condition is that you must have the status of a trained assistance dog. Service dogs must be able to relax and act in all situations, such as road traffic, public transport and busy areas. They must be able to resist the temptations of supermarket meals and not be distracted. Service dogs must behave socially towards people and animals and show no signs of fear or aggression.

Research shows that many people do not feel their hypos coming on; They suffer from hypo-unawareness. They are not well aware of the signs of hypo or realize it too late. A Diabetes Service Dog warns diabetics that an under or overshoot is approaching and allows them to intervene at the right time. In this way, comatose hypo can be prevented and complications due to high blood glucose levels can be reduced.

How To Get A Service Dog For Free?

You cannot request all different types of assistance dogs from a single assistance dog organization. Therefore, here is an overview of the various service dog organizations in the Netherlands and their websites with application forms:

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