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Crowdfunding For Ukraine

Social situations are always prone to change. With all of a sudden episodes in Ukraine, Financial need is one of the main factors that have to be addressed. WhyDonate is here to help better and beyond those people who are in need of financial help. Turn to crowdfunding for your immediate needs. Start raising money for emergencies such as medical, food or basic living needs. Help each other and start a fundraiser for yourself or those you care for.

Get started with your fundraiser immediately with a 0% platform charge. No hidden charges for you so that you get what you raise with minimum transaction cost. We pray for Ukraine’s war to be ceased and prevail in peace. Help Ukraine and start a campaign.

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Ukraine Crowdfunding
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How To Help Ukraine?

Due to the unforeseen war situation, people in Ukraine are highly in distress right now. All the people in Ukraine, including Ukrainians and foreigners residing in Ukraine, are currently facing many issues related to food, supplies, transportation and housing. People seek refugees, and the loss in their regular life has made them meet many challenges.

By following a few simple steps, you can support Ukraine and contribute to the people in need. Donate to Ukraine and help them financially to make things better and give them the strength they require. Find out how you contribute through a fundraiser and what differences you can make:

Many people have left their homes to survive. Among the terrible crisis of the Russia Ukraine war, basic needs such as food and clothes have become a challenge for people. Help Ukrainians and the people residing in Ukraine to get food and clothes through fundraising.

The social life in Ukraine now has been disrupted and many have been wounded due to the devastating act by Russia. Amid the Ukraine Russia war, people have been badly injured leaving with absolute no medical help. Extend your hand to help Ukraine and start a fundraiser to provide medical help to those who need it now.

The imposed war in Ukraine has left people homeless seeking refugee on foreign lands. People in Ukraine are now leaving their sentiments behind and struggling to survive. Help these innocent lives through fundraising campaigns. Support Ukraine to travel safely and secure themselves through travel fundraisers. Start raising money and be the change the world needs.

Disabled people are not weak, they are stronger than many people but a helping hand can be a beautiful gesture to progress ahead. War is not easy and everyone in Ukraine right now is in need of support. Stand together and contribute to peace.

During this war among humans, innocent animals are suffering. Let’s not forget about those little animals who need us to take care of them in Ukraine. Donate to animals or start an animal fundraiser.

Quick Payouts

For all those struggling in Ukraine due to the unfortunate Ukraine-Russia war, they can create fundraisers and get their payouts without any hassle. All the fundraisers get their payouts immediately so that they can get the help they need immediately. Our heart goes out to people suffering, and we have determined to be the bridge they need the most.

Help Ukrainians

How to start a fundraiser?

Follow these 4 simple steps

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1. Start A Fundraiser
Sign up on WhyDonate and create your fundraiser in minutes. Sign up as a person or an organisation.

Category Ukraine Crowdfunding EN

2. Share Your Fundraiser
Share your fundraiser via Email, WhatsApp and other social media channels to reach as many donors as possible.

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3. Receive The Donations
The donations are paid out automatically to your bank account on a monthly basis without any platform cost.

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4. Thank Your Donors
Customize the automated “Thank You” email or send a personal message to your donors via the WhyDonate dashboard.

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