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The word ‘Travelling’ always sounds adventurous; however, it is not always used for leisure. While it depends on what kind of travel we discuss, it is definitely a costly affair. Given the current scenarios of travel restrictions and increase in fuel prices, travelling expenses have gone up significantly. There are several instances when people travel due to emergency healthcare or further education. Travel costs for international travel can be most of the time very expensive. Sometimes, it is crucial to plan your route during an emergency travel situation to estimate the travel expenses. But you can travel anywhere for your cause by crowdfunding for travel.

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Travel crowdfunding

You Can Start Your Travel Fundraiser For

There are many reasons why you should start crowdfunding for travel –

It is absolutely possible to ask people for money during a healthcare emergency. Suppose you need funds to cover your healthcare travel expenses which include going back and forth to the hospital for therapy or travelling abroad to find a better solution for your health. In that case, you can start a travel fundraiser stating your story to the crowd.

Getting an education is as essential as your health. If you wish to travel for your higher studies, there should be no financial hurdles to hold you back. You can start fundraising for your educational trip through crowdfunding at any time and ensure a better future ahead.

Bucket lists are sentimental. Often people add a destination to their bucket lists and wish to travel there at least once in their lifetime. There are situations when people aim to fulfil those travels to experience the destination due to life-threatening health conditions.

This travel fundraiser is about contributing to human rights and assisting helpless people to get back to their own land. While there are certain laws and regulations behind such kinds of human rights activities, immigrants are not well to do and unable to pay for their travel costs during these scenarios. You can help many non-profits who aim to help the immigrants and help them raise money for their travel expenses.

Mission trips are international volunteer options that emphasise collaboration with local communities in order to provide assistance to people who need it. Mission trips can be really expensive as they involve people with a conceived goal in their minds.

Students, family members or even a group of individuals from a particular organisation can also plan their routes for mission trips. Raising money for mission trips can be possible through crowdfunding by following very few simple steps.

There are many ways to plan a reunion. You can start your fundraiser to help someone reunite with their loved ones. In some cases, you can help older people, someone with severe healthcare or someone who simply can’t afford to travel in order to meet their family, and you can help them with their travel costs to make it happen.

If you or someone you know is great at athletics or sports in general and wishes to participate in an international/national level sports competition but is unable to travel due to the high travel costs, you can start a travel fundraiser to chase that dream. Make sure you prepare your travel fund beforehand and keep training for the next level of achievement.

If you want someone to take a short trip for a holiday but cannot afford it, then you can start a travel fundraiser on behalf of them. In the fundraiser let people know about what the trip means to that person and help them raise money for their travel expenses.

In many circumstances, people like to take adventurous trips as a dream. These kinds of trips can be for themselves or as a journey they promote a cause.

Such kinds of travel experiences can be long, hard and expensive. In many cases, people also take international travel routes as a travel challenge or a travel record. You can simply support them by contributing to their travel fundraiser or creating a travel fundraiser to help them cover their travel costs.

How Can I Raise Money To Travel And Cover The Travel Expenses?

We encourage you to start your travel fundraiser through crowdfunding and begin fundraising for a trip in no time with WhyDonate. The travel fundraiser is about raising money to cover the travel costs for your chosen cause.

Starting a travel fundraising campaign to fulfil your purpose is simple and effective. Ensure you have a valid reason to start your travel fundraiser and pen down your cause before raising money for travel expenses.

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Travel crowdfunding

How to start a fundraiser?

Follow these 4 simple steps

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1. Start A Fundraiser
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2. Share Your Fundraiser
Share your fundraiser via Email, WhatsApp and other social media channels to reach as many donors as possible.

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3. Receive The Donations
The donations are paid out automatically to your bank account on a monthly basis without any platform cost.

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4. Thank Your Donors
Customize the automated “Thank You” email or send a personal message to your donors via the WhyDonate dashboard.

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