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Best Fundraising Activity Ideas – 15 Awesome Ideas To Try

Fundraising Activity

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If you are a non-profit organisation or local business, you know the significance of fundraising. You are in the right spot if you are looking for excellent fundraising ideas for NGO activities. So read on!

As the name suggests, crowdfunding means taking funding from the crowd, and it has been a great way to collect funds for your cause. Especially if you are a non-profit organisation, you will require some good fundraising ideas for NGO activities to organise a good fundraising event. Organised fantastic fundraising events can raise more money than you imagined and overcome your financial burdens.

Crowdfunding is one of the ultimate fundraising ideas for non-profits and individuals. Initiate a campaign via crowdfunding platforms like WhyDonate, which can help you raise money for your cause. Individuals can also share the company crowdfunding on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to make people notice and donate from every corner of the world.

How To Raise Funds For Charity?

Fundraising activities can draw a lot of attention to your campaign, and you can gather the set amount for your fundraiser by doing such. It involves many kinds of fundraising events. There are many good fundraising ideas and end number of solutions for your campaigns to flourish. Here we are going to answer your question to “How can I make fundraising fun?”

It may get difficult for non-profits to find NGO event ideas and invest in expensive fundraising events; we have compiled a list of 15 quirky fundraising ideas that you can use to level up your fundraising game.

1. Auction Fundraising Activity

Auctions are among the best NGO activities ideas of all time because auction items are sold at a more fantastic price because of the demand for the product. Auctions are also inexpensive. Many unusual and unique items are suitable for auction. People are usually enticed by items that are not disclosed, which is why auctions are a huge hit. Make sure to spread the word about the auction and the motive for the auction, and begin your fundraising event for the cause you’ve chosen.

2. Garage Sale

There are some perfect fundraising ideas for NGO, and a garage sale is one of them. Garage sales are generally entertaining due to the range and the genuinely unexpected things. The majority of items are affordable and unique for everyday use. Garage sales usually take place in a neighbourhood which allows people to take a look at the items and then purchase the items. At present, you can hold these sales on the Internet and also receive online payment. Be sure to specify where the money will be utilised by describing the severity of the cause for fundraising success.

Best Fundraising Activity Ideas - Garage Sale

3. Friendly Football Match  

If you’re a member of an area or club for sports, it is possible to begin fundraising for NGO by hosting a friendly football game between teams in your local community is among easy charity ideas. Fans can attend and support the teams and contribute to the cause. It is essential to ensure that the fans know why they’re donating and not making a donation in vain but enjoying the game to the fullest. Donors to these causes must comprehend the importance of your fundraising event and how you intend to use their funds.

4. Breakfast Fundraiser

Breakfast arrangements are a great way to start a fundraiser. These kinds of fundraising event ideas can promote healthy breakfast diets and educate the attendees about healthy food habits. It doesn’t have to be necessarily extravagant or huge to encourage fundraising for your cause. Individuals can arrange a simple outdoor breakfast setting and ask a local catering company to provide food. Sometimes adding healthy beverages like tea or smoothies can also be great for healthy options.

Adding a fruit basket or homemade cookies and jams is also a great idea for morning breakfast fundraising events. Explain the purpose of the breakfast arrangement, ask people to donate to the cause, and keep them updated about the results of their contribution.

Best Fundraising Activity Ideas - Breakfast Fundraiser

5. Arts And Craft Sale

This is an opportunity to encourage the local artists and craft vendors to make a difference in society by creating what they are the best art. They can start making art pieces depicting the cause and also attract art collectors to the event. This can be one of the best fundraising activity ideas as art collectors usually do not refuse to pay big money for such kinds of meaningful works of art. Also, you can also ask art collectors to donate some artwork, if they like, which can be later used in auctions for funds. Charging a small entry fee can also never hurt anyone but rather benefit someone.

Best Fundraising Activity Ideas - Arts and crafts sale

6. Karaoke Night 

Whether you are a talented singer or not, you can’t deny the fact that karaoke is for everyone. Karaokes are full of fun and can be an amazing opportunity to fundraise for a good cause. Everyone likes music and a night full of laughter. You can keep a provision for refreshments and drinks to make the event even more engaging and successfully fundraise for their cause. Set up a donation box where the attendees can donate funds according to their capacity and enjoy while making a difference.

7. Marathon/Walkathon Fundraiser

Organising a marathon can be considered one of the best fundraising activity ideas. Marathons or walkathons, depending upon your choice, fundraising activities are usually a healthy and fun way to bring a community together, and incorporating a cause into the event can bring people even closer as they can spread some goodness together. You can make a preliminary plan for the marathon so that you can reach more people. Keep provision for refreshments, decorations, approved permits, entertainment, and matching T-shirts for the participants. Keep the safety of the people in mind and run your campaign.

For advertising, do not forget the local media, social media and fundraising platforms that can take your event to the next level and make your event successful. Donors can take the time to contribute via crowdfunding or directly according to their convenience.

Best Fundraising Activity Ideas - Marathon fundraiser

8. Talent Shows

Organising talent shows are one of the coolest and best fundraising activity ideas of all time. Arranging such events can be tiring and time-consuming, but they work amazingly well. People like to dance and sing whenever they get the chance. You can encourage them to participate in the event and ask their friends and family to join for more support. The audience can donate to the charity, and the performers can donate some funds in return for their performances. Upload the performances on social media sites like YouTube so that people from worldwide can get a chance to donate to the cause as well as discover some hidden talents.

9. Ecotourism 

Ecotourism is an eco-friendly way of discovering nature. Organise a tour involving responsible travelling to fragile and unspoiled areas, promoting to support conservation efforts and observing flora and fauna. In this tour, allow the participants to donate some amount of money to tag along and help them understand the respect one should have towards the environment. These kinds of travel experiences are one of the best ideas for environmental charities. This will also encourage the tourists to raise awareness for the betterment of our environment.

Best Fundraising Activity Ideas - Ecotourism

10. Recycle Fundraising

Whenever we talk about the best fundraising activity ideas with a great vision, the most emphasis can be put on the subject of the betterment of the environment, which again glides back to recycling products. Recycling helps to reach a waste to its full potential and reduces its environmental impact on living beings. Such waste management practices can be beneficial to the global ecosystem.

Recycling can also be very economical as well as sustainable. Not only recycling regular products but recycling electronic equipment/products can also make a great impact on the environment. Arrange for a recycling event where people can donate certain products for recycling and buy some of the recycled products, which can be an excellent fundraising activity idea for anyone.

11. Fashion Shows

Since people are often busy in their daily lives, they are mostly seen wearing day-to-day boring clothes, so wearing dazzling outfits can be great for a change. For a crowdfunding idea, a memorable fashion show is one of the best fundraising activity ideas of all time. Participants don’t have to have deep pockets for such events, and they can just simply rent clothes out only for a couple of hours. Whether indoor or outdoor, organising fashion shows can be really an excellent opportunity to start a fundraiser. People can also pair as couples to increase the gathering and announce that all the donations to be made in this event will be used for a good cause.

12. Bake Sale

Be it a special occasion or a typical day, everyone loves a sweet and baked savoury. Organise a sale of baked items such as cookies, cakes, and croissants in order to gather funds for your fundraiser. You can also tie up with the local bakery, who can help you make the baking goods. Make the packaging of the displayed baking items attractive and colourful for children so that you can gather some little buyers. Try to involve many volunteers for extra motivation. Even you can initiate the campaign via crowdfunding websites and share pictures of the sale so that a wide range of people can be a part of the initiation.

Best Fundraising Activity Ideas - Bake sale

13. Yoga Fundraiser

Yoga sessions can be one of the healthy and best fundraising activity ideas. We all are aware of the benefits of yoga, and incorporating yoga with a noble cause can just simply increase the charm of the fundraiser. People can take a day off of workload or on the weekend, attend a great yoga day organised at a calm place to enjoy the essence of it. Help the participants understand the reason for the event and charge a fee for participating. With simple accommodation and food, a yoga camp can gather a lot of funds from the people.

Fundraising activity ideas - Yoga day

14. Holiday Carols

Holidays are joyful moments. Everybody cheers during that time of year, and many people like to share their love with those who lack happy moments by donating to charities. Believe it or not, you can witness more donations during the holiday season compared to the other times of the year. This is one of the best fundraising activity ideas for people if they want to raise money. Because people love to listen as well as sing in carols. Without spending anything, you can raise funds for your chosen cause. You can hand some pamphlets to other people describing the campaign you are willing to raise funds for.

15. Bingo Night

Call it a game night but still, keep raising money for your cause. One of the best fundraising activity ideas is games. Games are exciting, and you can make it even more exciting and purposeful by coupling them with a good cause. Start with small groups and frequently organise with minimum refreshments. Explain to fellow players the cause and the reason for gathering the funds. No one will refuse to spare a couple of bucks to donate to a good cause while enjoying the rest of the game session with fellow amusing players.

How To Raise Money From Strangers?

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There are way many ideas available if you like to start fundraising. But we have penned down these top-picked best fundraising activity ideas for you so that you don’t get to wander here and there and research what we have already researched. All we want is that nothing should stop you from doing something good in society. That is why WhyDonate is here to assist you whenever you require help while fundraising with some of the best ideas out there. Happy Fundraising!

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