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9 Best Fundraising Ideas For Environmental Charities

Environmental Charities

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Raising money for environmental charities is as fun as it is important. Nature is beautiful, and it is our duty to maintain its attractiveness as it is. We need to protect our environment as it is the foundation of our creation. Now that climate change is one of the biggest issues in the world, everyone must join hands together to fight it and ensure the safety of our environment.

Environmental charities are not only about the glory of nature but also about pollution control, the availability of clean water, the protection of endangered species, and many more. Whatever we have now is a gift from nature, and it is time that we give back to the environment by making donations towards global environmental change. 

How Can I Raise Money For The Environment?

One of the best ways to raise money for the environment is through crowdfunding. Starting a crowdfunding campaign for the environment can actually make a lot of difference. Environmental charities are not only about the glory of nature but pollution control, availability of clean water, protecting endangered species and many more. Whatever we have now is a gift from nature, and it is time that we give back to the environment by making donations towards global environmental change. 

Environmental charity may not seem urgent, but it is one of the most important causes that need attention more than anything in the world right now. Many non-profits are working on environmental issues as we are discussing, and we have a couple of unique ideas for environmental charities which you can try easily.

Unite for Good: Become A Fundraiser For Environmental Charity And Shape A Brighter Future.

Our Fundraising Ideas For Environmental Charities

1. Go Green

Yes, this is obvious, but to be frank, not everyone is paying attention to this subject. Deforestation is a huge concern now as it fluctuates in our ecosystem. Not only the ecosystem but the emission of greenhouse gases is also making a significant impact on our lives. Oxygen is one of the most essential parts of our lives, so start planting trees before it gets expensive.

Start your campaign for planting a number of trees by joining local organisations and schools if possible. Find local parks or forests to start the mission and seek the help of local nurseries if they can donate some plants for a peaceful future.

environmental charities - planting trees

2. Eco-Friendly Sale

Almost every day, we get to see news from all over the world about how certain wastes are playing a vital role in endangering land animals as well as ocean animals. Due to the heavy use of plastic products, many diseases have risen among animals and birds. In the ocean, plastics are found in the stomachs of ocean animals, which often is the cause of their death. As wastes like plastics cannot be recycled, such plastic pollution has harmful effects on wildlife, ocean habitats and human life as well.

The toxic chemicals that come out of such types of wastes have harmful effects on humans, such as cancers, birth defects, and impaired immunity.  That is why promoting sustainable and recycled products can be one of the great eco-friendly fundraising ideas for environmental charities. These kinds of environmental protection charities can benefit both the ecosystem and the living beings of the planet.

environmental charities - ecofriendly sale

3. Recycle Away

Whenever we talk about fundraising ideas for environmental charities, the most emphasis can be put on the subject of recycling products. Recycling helps to reach a waste to its full potential and reduces its environmental impact on living beings. Such waste management practices can be beneficial to the global ecosystem. Recycling can also be very economical as well as sustainable.

Not only recycling regular products but recycling electronic equipment/products can also make a great impact on the environment. Arrange for a recycling event where people can donate certain products for recycling and buy some of the recycled products, which can be an excellent idea for an environmental charity.

Environmental Charity - recycle away

4. Used Book Fundraiser

Many people are fond of reading and keep a number of books at home. Ask people to donate books they prefer not to treasure forever. Organise a book sale and inform the buyers about the environmental charity. Use the funds for a particular cause related to an environmental charity. Allow the donors to donate to the charity even if they don’t want to buy anything from the sale.

environmental charities - Book selling

5. Clean Up Fundraiser

Simply cleaning the environment by using cleaning supplies can be a great start for the best environmental charities. Such fundraising ideas for charities for the environment are community-based activities that can be done with the help of a group. Join hands with local organisations and organise a clean-up charity event that encourages people to combat waste and plastic pollution.

Ask for a small fee for the volunteers who can join the charity against plastic pollution, unsustainable land practices, and water pollution. You can also organise cleaning events at beaches or roads to raise funds.

environmental charities - clean up

6. Fuel Free Fundraiser

We all know how serious air pollution can be. The harmful effects of the gas coming out of vehicles can cause serious damage like respiratory diseases, heart failure, and cancers. Such life-threatening diseases are causing due to the significant amount of nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxides from daily transportation. Thus, cycling is an eco-friendly transportation option for controlling air pollution to some extent.

Organise a cycling event and make it fun, which can educate people about the harmful effects of air pollution and also promote a healthy lifestyle by explaining the benefits of cycling. Charge a small participation fee for the cycle tour and gather funds for environmental charities. Going fuel-free can be one of the best environmental fundraising ideas for obvious reasons.

Environmental Charity - fuel free

7. DIY Paper Making

Have you ever tried paper-making on your own? This is one of the most exciting eco-friendly fundraising ideas for environmental charities, where you can help people learn something artistic. Organise a do-it-yourself paper-making session and use recycled papers or used papers to make them brand new without breaking your pocket. Use old receipts, junk mail, or scrap papers to create new papers.

For one of the best environmental fundraising ideas, you can ask people to donate some money to charities for the environment and have the option to sell these handmade papers at a reasonable price to gather money for any environmental cause.

environmental charities - handmade paper

8. Ecotourism For Environmental Charities 

 Ecotourism is an eco-friendly way of discovering nature. Organise a tour involving responsible travelling to fragile and unspoiled areas, promoting to supporting conservation efforts and observing flora and fauna. In this tour, allow the participants to donate some amount of money to tag along and help them understand the respect one should have towards the environment. These kinds of travel experiences are one of the best ideas for environmental charities. This will also encourage the tourists to raise awareness for the betterment of our environment.

fundraising ideas for environmental charities - ecotourism

9. Crowdfunding

Fundraising through crowdfunding is one of the obvious mantras these days. You can use way many ideas through crowdfunding campaigns and even promote these campaigns via social media channels to have a worldwide effect. Using crowdfunding platforms like WhyDonate can be very effective for environmental charities. Having these online charities can provide visuals about real environmental issues, and anyone can donate from anywhere in the world.

We believe in sustainable living, and there is nothing more we want than saving our planet by limiting the pollution in our ecosystem. We will do everything in our power to maintain the freshness of our natural environment, may it be the rainforests or the mountains. Furthermore, we also want to encourage you to make yourself stand out from the crowd and respect our environment.

How Do I Start An Environmental Charity?

You can simply register your cause at WhyDonate for free and begin your environmental charity within a couple of minutes. Simply add your details along with the purpose of your campaign and raise money for the environment as soon as possible.

Top 10 Environmental Charities In The Netherlands To Support

Crowdfunding plays a significant role in supporting environmental charities in Europe. It has emerged as a popular and effective method for these organisations to raise funds and engage with a wider audience. Crowdfunding campaigns can help raise awareness about the work of environmental charities. So here are the top 10 environmental charities where you can make a contribution and support their campaign to make our environment a better place.

1. Help Extinction Rebellion Nederland

Environmental Charities in The Netherlands, such as Extinction Rebellion Netherlands, employ creative and occasionally disruptive actions to highlight the climate crisis and advocate for climate justice. Contributions, whether monthly, annually, or one-time, support these organisations in urging the government to take essential steps for the well-being of the planet.

2. Observation International

Through support, Observation International, one of the top environmental charities In the Netherlands, gathers nature observations to map worldwide biodiversity, past and present. They transform this data into a potent tool for conservation, research, policy, education, and immersive experiences. Your contribution aids in building a richer understanding of our planet’s ecological diversity for the benefit of all.

3. Francis Zoet

The environmental charity, the Great Bubble Barrier, operates as a rapidly expanding social enterprise based in Amsterdam. They constantly seek talented pioneers to aid in their mission of keeping rivers plastic-free. Their innovative Bubble Barrier technology intercepts plastic pollution, safeguarding water quality and ecosystems. The charity emphasises awareness through education and strives for sustainable waste processing, contributing to a circular economy. Join them in addressing serious health threats to both people and wildlife caused by plastic pollution.


Environmental charities are rallying behind Spirious, a vital initiative by The Rainbow Foundation. Their mission is to safeguard the sacred birthplace and Sacred Water sources of Zaku Tenari mountain in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia. Facing the threat of gold mining, these 100 hectares, crucial for life, need protection. Support their cause and contribute to preserving this treasure of wisdom and knowledge held by the Indigenous people. 

5. Wasven

This environmental charity in the Netherlands is concerned about the recent fire at Wasven’s famous World Tree. Wasven, a green area around a historic farm in Tongelre, involves individuals with intellectual disabilities working alongside professionals and volunteers. Together, they strive for a sustainable future. The entire stage near the tree is in ruins, with a 30% chance of survival. As the first World Tree in the Netherlands, crowned in 2009, it stands over 30 meters tall. 

6. Asceline Groot

This environmental charity, since 2005, has provided a daily dose of inspiration for a greener, fairer life through hetkanWEL. They guide readers in sustainable choices, offer lifestyle tips, and share the latest trends and innovations. With an enduring positive, practical, and well-substantiated approach, your support empowers their mission.

7. De Grachtwacht – project Plastic Spotter

This canal cleaning initiative, another environmental charity, tirelessly works to transform waterways. Committed to a plastic-free future, they dedicate efforts to clean and rejuvenate canals, ensuring a healthier, vibrant environment for all. Join their mission today!

8. Stichting Boes Bos

In a unique effort, Giel Boes pledges 255 hours of silence from August 5 to 15 to spotlight the vital role of trees. This initiative goes beyond planting; it emphasises protecting trees, preserving biodiversity, and raising climate awareness. Trees, our unsung heroes, not only produce oxygen but also play a crucial role in CO2 absorption, water regulation, and cooling our planet. As Earth’s population grows, our Western lifestyle impacts forests adversely. Join this charity’s mission for a sustainable future. 

9. Keep Daniken Alive

The Keep Daniken Alive charity aims to protect Danikerberg and Danikerbos from plans to convert 80% into a cemetery. The donation fights against disruptive changes, ensuring preservation for future generations. Donate now to resist and make a powerful statement against these transformational plans.

10. Bretagne contre les fermes-usines

Environmental charities in Brittany are rallying against escalating agricultural issues. Militant collectives combat pesticides, factory farms, and more. Your support empowers their legal actions and civil disobedience to safeguard the region’s environment. Join the movement for a sustainable Brittany!

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