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A Comprehensive Guide On Donor Database For Non-Profits

Donor Database

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Donor database software plays a vital role for nonprofit organisations. It provides various benefits and allows you to keep track of your data. We will explore all the information you need to know about donor databases and also discuss some of the best donor databases for small nonprofits. If you wish to know what should be included in a donor database and the features of an ideal donor database software, stick with us until the end.

What Is A Donor Database?

A donor database is an accumulation of donor relationships, data, organisations or other entities contributing money, time, money, or other resources to a non-profit charity. The databases typically contain basic contact information, including address, name, phone number, and email address, along with specific donor data regarding the donor’s previous history of giving, like what amount they provide and how often. Contributions, projects or programs they’ve supported and any pertinent notes or remarks about their preferences or other interests can also be included.

A donor database is an essential tool non-profit organisations can use to manage their relationship with donors and analyse and track how they raise funds. It helps organisations discover patterns in donor behaviour, identify segments in their donor base to target communications and outreach and help them plan and implement fundraising campaigns.

Many donor management software can also be integrated into other fundraising and donor communications and tools, including email marketing and donor processing platforms online, to simplify the process of giving and offer a seamless donor experience.

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What Are The Best Donor Database Software For Nonprofits?

Since you manage comprehensive donor data and database management is critical in fundraising, choosing the right donor database software for nonprofits is crucial. Let us now study some of the best nonprofit donor database software so that you can level up your fundraising game.

1. WhyDonate

WhyDonate is a fundraising platform that allows you to enjoy the benefits of the best donor database for small and big nonprofits. Since 2012, WhyDonate has made several connections and created a network of over 400,000 loyal donors. You can create a fundraising campaign, contact various supporters worldwide, and maintain everything in one place. 

Without investing in a separate application for keeping your new donor database, you can use their free donor database user-friendly website or the WhyDonate Mobile App and manage your data handily. You can maintain an excellent fundraiser-donor relationship and customise your database according to you. 

Its comprehensive dashboard lets you systematically organise your fundraisers, donors and payout data. You can connect with over 400,000 donors and 100,000+ visitors in a month. The data is stored encrypted, and licensed payment institutions secure all payments. 

The best part is that you do not have to pay extra. Another good thing is that you can request your payment anytime or wait for the automated monthly payout. So begin your fundraising journey and enjoy the benefits of the best donor database for small nonprofits. 

2. Kindful

Kindful’s user-friendly and customisable interface simplifies accepting recurring and automatic donations from regular donors, leading to more efficient donation management. Their built-in fundraising tools enable non-profits to organise their data effectively and maximise the potential of their donor database intuitive donor management software.

The pricing of this site varies from $199-$699/month. Fundraising involves managing online donations, creating donor databases, and gaining insights into donation patterns. Non-profit organisations are responsible for maintaining a connection with their donors, and Kindful offers the tools to accomplish this goal. 

3. Bloomerang

If you want to spend less time on daily admin tasks and get insights to engage donors, then Bloomerang can be a decent option. It is a nonprofit donor database designed to help non-profit organisations. It provides an enhanced giving experience to everyone.

This donor database software provides a no-cost version tailored to accommodate the needs of very small non-profit organisations seeking to have donor database options store up to 250 records. For small and expanding non-profits and larger organisations, paid packages start from $79 per month.

Although the Bloomerang Lite plan is inexpensive, making it a decent donor database solution for small nonprofits, the absence of email marketing is a notable shortcoming. Additionally, as your organisation grows, the plan may feel restrictive.

4. DonorPerfect

If you want to experience donor database software for nonprofits, fundraising capabilities, and event management, then DonorPerfect is a good choice. The starting price for its most elementary platform is $59 per month, but the cost can rise by including additional features and packages.

In addition, the free donor database web-based platform can be easily accessed from any web-enabled device. It also has integration-friendly software that can be customised using the tools and platforms that your non-profit organisation may already be using. Although, If you want to utilise workflow automation in DonorPerfect fully, you must opt for the pricier versions, as they offer better functionality.

5. Donorbox

Donorbox is a donor database software designed for fundraising purposes which provides the capability to receive donations through either an embedded tool on your website or a popup widget. The platform can receive one-time donations, as well as recurring donations, based on the preferences of the users. Donations can be made via credit cards, Apple Pay, ACH transfers, or PayPal.

If you collect more than $1000 per month, you must pay a fee of 1.5%. You will incur extra payment processing charges of 2.9% plus 30 cents for each Stripe payment and 2.2% plus 30 cents for each PayPal payment.

What Should Be Included In A Donor Database?

A well-organised and maintained donor database is crucial for effective fundraising and relationship-building with your supporters. It enables you to personalise your communication, develop personal relationships, track your progress, and identify opportunities for growth and improvement. So here is some vital information that must be included in your donor database:

  • Donor Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Address
  • Mobile Numbers
  • Email Address
  • Employment Information
  • Campaigns Donated To
  • Total Contributions
  • Any Pertinent Notes Or Remarks

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What Should I Look For In A Donor Management System?

A lot of features integrate to create a good donor database. Let us now study the characteristics of reasonable donor database solutions.

Ideal Features Of A Donor Database Software:

1. Donor Information Management

A donor database software allows organisations to manage and store details about their donors, with demographic data such as names and contact details, and giving history and engagement levels.

2. Management Of Gifts And Pledges

Donor database management allows organisations to track pledges and donations, which include amounts, dates, types and names of each contribution.

3. Analytic Reporting

A donor database software for nonprofits allows you to create reports and analyse data about donors, such as trends in giving, donor retention, rates for donors and campaign outcomes.

4. Engagement And Communication

A free donor database allows organisations to reach out to donors and involve them in their mission using targeted messages and segmentation.

5. Integration With Other Tools

A nonprofit donor database can be integrated with other marketing and fundraising tools, including marketing and email platforms, payment processors, event management and software solutions.

6. Security And Compliance:

A comprehensive donor data and database for small nonprofits ensure donors’ information is safe and complies with the industry’s data privacy and protection requirements, like PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance and GDPR (General Data Protection Legislature). 

Credit card companies must comply with PCI standards to safeguard credit card transactions within the payments sector. The GDPR regulates the utilisation, handling, and storage of personal data, which pertains to information concerning an identifiable individual who is alive.

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Wrapping Up!

So this was a complete guide for you to know about donor management software. We have covered all the essential information you need to know about donor database software. After reading this in-depth analysis of the fundraiser’s donor management system and database software for nonprofits, we hope we have provided you with better insights. 

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