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Fundraising Apps for Non-profits – Top 8 Crowdfunding Apps To Run Fundraisers

Fundraising Apps

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Mobile phones and tablets are amazing handheld devices that are capable of so many things other than phone calls to games, and selfies. Nowadays, people concentrate on their mobile gadgets rather than talking face to face. Not that we encourage that kind of society, but we like to make something out of that habit. As a crowdfunding platform, WhyDonate understands the intricacies of the effort that goes into a fundraiser. That is why we have some hand-picked mobile fundraising apps for not only non-profits but everyone who like to contribute to a cause that can change someone’s life.

Crowdfunding Apps – Our Top Picks

Now that the crowdfunding field has evolved a lot and there are frequent transparencies among personal fundraising websites, we all have to gain insights into our lives and improve our attitude towards it. People are being able to help one another from different parts of the world through their electronic devices. But mobile phones and tablets have gained more popularity because of their portability perks.

Here we have stepped in to suggest you the best fundraising apps out there for you so that you don’t have to spend time researching the same thing we did and focus directly on spreading kindness as well as fulfilling a need that is necessary to you.

What Is The Best Crowdfunding App For Fundraisers?

Every app that we have painted here is unique in its own way and supports all operating systems for a hassle-free experience. So let’s explore the fundraising apps for your crowdfunding journey by shedding light on the best fundraising software products!

Fundraising Apps


WhyDonate European Fundraising Platform

Take it from healthcare fundraising to music crowdfunding, WhyDonate embraces all kinds of fundraisers with open arms. As one of Europe’s leading fundraising websites, WhyDonate allows you to fundraise for causes like the environment, funerals, and sports. With a donor database of more than 350.000, WhyDonate charges 0% platform costs and no additional subscription costs to its users.

WhyDonate allows users to add their own custom branding and content to fundraisers, donation forms and emails. And guess what? Users can do all of this by downloading the mobile app for WhyDonate to track their activities efficiently. The fundraiser app of WhyDonate allows users to have all kinds of seamless experiences while crowdfunding for their causes while they are on the go.

2. Fundly

Fundraising Apps - Fundly

Another personal fundraising website, Fundly, is known for its online fundraising process. Fundly has an app that offers its crowdfunding platform to non-profits, charities, clubs, schools, and individuals to raise funds for their cause. The app provides access to a broad fundraiser category available for non-profits and individuals. Fundly provides the option to fundraise for causes like creative projects, trips, and weddings as well. The Fundly mobile fundraising app is excellent for crowdfunding integrated with social networks. Fundly app is easy to use, and it provides great options like thanking the donors and playing YouTube videos to the users through mobile devices.

3. Givelify

Fundraising Apps - Givelify

The Givelify giving app is one of the most powerful fundraising apps for initiating or donating to a cause using your mobile. The popularity of charitable donations through Givelify is excellent as it provides features that act quickly and feasibly. With immediate donation confirmation and complete donation history, users can fundraise free and easily.

4. Facebook Fundraisers

Fundraising Apps - Facebook fundraser

Let’s be clear, Facebook is not a crowdfunding platform dedicated to fundraising. But Facebook Fundraisers’ easy fundraising app allows you to start a fundraiser on behalf of an ongoing charity. Facebook promotes certain causes and users can support those causes by doing nothing more than logging into their Facebook accounts and donating to those charities. If you are an organisation and you would like to start your fundraiser through Facebook, that can also be easily done by following very easy and simple steps. Additionally, Facebook provides its own donation button for smooth usage.

5. Coin Up

Fundraising Apps - Coin Up

The fundraising app Coin Up allows users to opt for recurring donations to non-profits. Coin Up has its unique spare change option while making donations and allows the fundraisers to thank their donors through customized thank-you snapshots. Coin Up also provides its fundraisers with an overview of their progress and how they are making a difference.

6. GoFundMe

fundraising apps- GoFundMe

The American crowdfunding platform, GoFundMe, is one of the most popular websites that help individuals to fundraise for their needs. GoFundMe crowdfunding app is easy to use. From medical emergencies of individuals to charity works of non-profits, GoFundMe provides everyone to fundraise through its fundraising app. The fundraising and donation app GoFundMe also provides a fundraising section for bills and rents too. The option of a visual thermometer shows the real-time progress of the fundraiser that gives clarity to the users.

7. FundRazr

Fundraising Apps - Fundrazr

The free crowdfunding and online fundraising platform FundRazr also has its own fundraising app for its users.  It supports more than 200000 campaigns, including non-profits, personal fundraising, corporate social responsibility etcetera. Users can immediately start their campaigns and receive donations without going through many complications. FundRaz fundraising app helps users to create meaningful campaign pages and fundraisers give back thank you gifts such as t-shirts or signed cards upon donating.

8. Charity Miles

fundraising apps- Charity Miles

Charity Miles, one of the best mobile charity apps, is one of the top mobile fundraising apps that have been helping non-profits raise funds with less effort. Charity Miles is basically a running, cycling and walking tracker app that allows users to fundraise for charities by doing activities. Users can also create their own pledge page where their friends can sponsor them even if they are not doing a marathon or race. Sharing the details of the charity miles on social media is also very productive, as people love all kinds of physical activities. The Charity Miles fitness tracker is also available to track your progress and have a smooth fundraising experience.

Winding Up

The rise of mobile apps has made life easier due to their accessibility and user-friendly processes. Once you trust a crowdfunding platform, it is more simple to just download the fundraising app and start a fundraiser or do your philanthropic activities by contributing to others. The crowdfunding apps indeed make it fun and engaging while you spend your fair share of time being kind or gathering funds for your necessity.

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