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Fundraising Books That Will Help You Plan Better Fundraising Events for Schools

Fundraising Books That Will Help You Plan Better Fundraising Events for Schools

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Fundraising Books – There are a few reasons why schools hold fundraising events. For some academic institutions, the funds allocated to them by the local government unit may not be able to cover each student academically, physically, and mentally. Meanwhile, other schools organise fundraising events to upgrade their facilities and technologies, as well as get their students and families more involved in school activities.

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What are the Best Nonprofit Fundraising Books For Schools?

TAPinto.net also notes that having a fundraising event also helps teach students valuable life skills, such as goal setting, money management, business ethics, social skills, and decision making. However, planning a fundraising event can be a difficult and daunting task. With that said, we’ve listed some best nonprofit fundraising books below that can give you the guidance you need on how to plan fundraising events for schools.

Best Nonprofit Fundraising Books For School- Novel Fundraising

Fundraising Books - Fundraising Events for Schools

The Fundraiser’s Guide to Irresistible Communications

In this book, author Jeff Brooks will teach you how to convince donors to keep donating to your school. Brooks explains how you can use effective tools and strategies to raise funds for your organisation. But more importantly, he also gives valuable lessons on how to become a better communicator. Bringing in funds to your school relies on successful messaging. Thankfully, this is one of the best nonprofit books can help you elevate your communication skills so you can create better fundraising activities and speak to the hearts of potential donors.

Fundraising Events for Schools - Fundraising Book

Big-Time Fundraising for Today’s Schools

Stanley Levenson’s book is a great guide for faculty members who are newbies when it comes to fundraising events. Here, Levenson provides insight on how to create fundraising activities that will make a huge impact on your school and students. Some key topics that this fundraising book touches on are the current trends in public education, how to properly approach donors, and organising a development office in your institution. Levenson is a highly experienced fundraising consultant who has more than 35-years of experience, so you’ll certainly learn a lot from this comprehensive guide. If you work in a public school, you should also check out Levenson’s other book on fundraising: The Essential Fundraising Guide for K-12 Schools.

The New One Minute Manager

Successful fundraisers rely on thorough planning and seamless execution. Essentially, you need to know how to be a good manager to create and carry out a superb fundraising event. Aside from dealing with school staff, parents, and donors, you’ll also need good management skills to know what tasks to prioritise and do what needs to be done. Thankfully, Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson provide a quick crash course on how to be a better manager with The New One Minute Manager. Fundraising books like this one outlines key principles that can drastically improve your management style and skills. By doing this, it allows you to plan great fundraisers with ease.

Fundraising Books

Asking Styles: Revolutionize Your Fundraising

Asking Styles is a book that will teach you how to tailor-fit your fundraisers to your target donors. Author Brian Saber will lead you to discover your own asking style, as well as train you on how to determine the asking style of your school’s board members. Understanding your asking style can revolutionise your fundraising efforts ⁠— whether it’s creating personalised campaigns or conceptualising gifts programs. If you want to connect with the people involved in your school’s fundraising efforts, as well as your donors, you should put this fundraising book on your to-read list.

The fundraising books we’ve listed above will give you the necessary skills and knowledge to pull off a triumphant successful event for your school. If you don’t know what fundraising activity best suits your academic institution, have a look at our post ‘53 Best Fundraising Ideas for Your School’.

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