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Use A Fundraising Goal Tracker And Manage Your Donations Like A Pro

Fundraising Goal Tracker

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If you are planning to start your fundraising campaign in the near future, then you should understand how online fundraising works and familiarise yourself with all the crowdfunding jargon. By understanding the process behind online fundraising, you can maximise your fundraising efforts and raise money for your campaign smoothly.

What Is A Good Fundraising Goal?

When you start fundraising online, you simply register and add details to your fundraising page and wait for funds to come in. However, you need to have a strategy to manage these funds and keep track of your incoming funds. So, in order to achieve that. You have to set a goal for your donors, giving them an idea of your requirements.

Fundraising goals should be practical and achievable. It is important to set an amount that is suitable for your cause. For example, do not set a goal for an insane amount of thousands of euros if you are planning to just raise money for your local library or community centre.

Fundraising goal tracker

How To Set a Fundraising Goal?

Adding a goal amount shows a sense of urgency and exactly how much funds you need to achieve your goal. For starters, you can choose to create your campaign at WhyDonate and, while adding the details of your campaign, set a definitive goal for your donors.

WhyDonate offers a 0% platform fee and a minimum transaction fee of – 1.9% + €0.25. Apart from that, at WhyDonate, users can choose the option for direct payouts that enable users to receive their gathered donations immediately.

Through WhyDonate, users can customise their campaign pages according to their choices and add donate buttons, experience WordPress plugins, and get tax-deductible donation receipts on their dashboards.

Benefits Of A Visual Fundraising Goal Tracker

There are many benefits of using a fundraising goal tracker for your campaign. 

  • It Is Fun

First of all, adding such kinds of visual representations can amp up your campaign and make your page interesting. Remember that donors online can be from anywhere in the world and of any age group. So, you have to set up your donation page in a certain way to maintain engagement.

  • Establishes A Connection

Adding a fundraising goal tracker shows how much effort you are putting into your campaign, and it unknowingly establishes a fundraiser-donor relationship.

  • Boosts Your Fundraising Initiative

A fundraising goal tracker is an attractive item that can be used to catch the eyes of your supporters. They can also be made to fit your brand’s colours and can be large enough to catch the attention of potential donors. Even nonprofit professionals can raise funds by using a goal tracker effectively.

Visual Fundraising Goal Tracker Ideas

A fundraising goal tracker can help keep track of all of your efforts and achievements. It can also help you monitor how far you’ve come. You can see if you’re on track or if you need to change anything.

There are two types of goal trackers: virtual and physical. If you’re looking for a tool that can be easily updated, posted anywhere, and integrated with other tools, you might want to opt for the virtual option.

  • Fundraising Goal Thermometer Generator

A digital fundraising thermometer can help you measure how successful your campaign has been. It can also help you identify areas where you can improve. Free fundraising thermometers can be used to keep track of an organisation’s progress and help plan future fundraising campaigns.

A free fundraising thermometer is created to provide the leaders of an organisation with real-time analysis of how their efforts are performing and what they need to do in order to increase the number of donations they receive. It can also help them track progress and determine if their current strategy for raising funds is working or if they need to change it.

A fundraising thermometer usually contains a dial that indicates how much funds have been added to your campaign. This enables the fundraiser creator to see the progress and make changes to the campaign if necessary.

Fundraising Thermometers work really well when you have a significant amount to raise as they help to measure progress, and they can encourage donors to give more donations to achieve your overall goal.

Make sure that the numbers on your fundraising thermometer are up-to-date and accurate. You can do this by regularly updating the information about your project through an email list.

fundraising thermometer

  • Fundraising Goal Bar

A virtual fundraising goal bar is an integral part of your website or fundraising page. Unfortunately, this type of feature only works if you have a fundraising platform that supports goal tracking.

Luckily, the WhyDonate dashboard has its own fundraising goal bar system and even allows its users to customise them according to their choices. It is up to the user if they would like to make it visible to the public. 

Through the goal-tracking system, you can show your donors how their donations have helped you, and you can even celebrate your fundraising achievements.

  • Fundraising Goal Chart

A fundraising goal chart can visually represent your fundraising progress. You can integrate your details into a sheet and create a fundraising goal chart to show the status of your fundraiser. It will help to map your donations, your target audience, and the areas where you lack.

Get Started With Your Fundraising Goal Tracker

Reaching your fundraising goal can help you make a significant impact in your community. Having a goal tracker can help you keep track of all of your progress and provide you with a visual representation of how far you’ve come.

Using effective tools like fundraising thermometers is nowadays very easy as you can simply download fundraising thermometer templates or add a fundraising thermometer widget to your fundraising campaign.

However, the goal of using these tools should be productive and motivate donors. So make sure not to get carried away by the looks rather than focus on raising money in the right way. Spread the word about your campaign on social media and try to reach out to more people online to accomplish your mission.

Hope you find this article helpful and are all set to start your crowdfunding journey with WhyDonate. Happy Fundraising!

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