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How To Set Up A Donation Page – 5 Easy Steps To Get Started

Donation Page

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Leaving the old-school fundraising practices, the concept of the fundraising donation page is one of the most immediate options that is used in fundraising websites.

Donation pages make the process of initiating fundraising campaigns or fundraisers easier and quicker. It also helps the fundraiser create a clear picture of the campaign equipped with self-explanatory visuals and provides an option to design and set up a donation page according to the user’s choices.

How To Set Up A Donation Page For Fundraising?

Organising the web pages can give users a clean experience of the fundraising activity without going into any complicated system. That is exactly why WhyDonate is one of the best of Europe’s crowdfunding platforms that cater to their users with the smoothest fundraising experience of all.

WhyDonate is the ideal fundraising platform that allows organisations as well as individuals to raise funds for any cause. WhyDonate offers donor management, donate button, and reasonable platform fees for its users that can help crowdfunding campaigns reach their fundraising goals. You can easily collect donations by using a QR code on every page of your website and maximize your fundraising efforts.

You can also track the recurring donations that your organisation receives through a donation page. This feature allows you to see your fundraising efforts and show how much money your supporters are giving and how they’re finding your page.

When it comes to the hassle-free donation page, this blog is going to walk the users through WhyDonate’s minimalistic approach to fundraising and how to set up a nonprofit donation page for your cause and create a fundraising page for free. Now you can begin supporting charities through online fundraising and raise money for charity.

Set Up A Donation Page

Is There A Free Fundraising Website?

Yes. WhyDonate is one of the leading European crowdfunding platforms where registration is completely free. While the transaction fees are very nominal, there are absolutely no hidden charges at WhyDonate.

How To Set Up A Donation Page At WhyDonate

1. Register At WhyDonate

First thing first, if you are here to start your campaign, the first step is to register in order to initiate the fundraiser. Now WhyDonate offers its users a 0% platform fee so that all the users can begin their crowdfunding journey free of cost.

  • Sign-up and create your credentials to have a WhyDonate account by logging in.
  • Click the Start Fundraiser button to begin the process.

Set Up A Donation Page - Register

2. Input Details

  • Add your personal information, your IBAN (International Bank Account) details, and the details of your cause to accept donations. It is essential to write an inspiring and on-point headline for your fundraiser in order to make it impressive.
  • Make sure you add a compelling yet real picture of your cause for the cover image to your fundraising page. Do not forget to add images that are of good quality and add captions if possible to give extra clarity. Nowadays, people tend to be more attracted to visuals rather than text bodies. Keep it to your advantage.
  • You can mention the target amount of your fundraiser and set a goal to receive donations at WhyDonate. This will give the donors an idea of your requirement, and a time limit can show the urgency of the fundraiser.
  • Users can edit donation forms where they can customise the donation amount for the potential donor to see. Find the button to customise your donation form for the above options.
  • It is optional to add social media accounts to your fundraiser, and given the fact that social media is another crowd that draws a lot of attention, it can benefit you to a certain extent

Set Up A Donation Page - Input details

3. Tell Your Story

It is essential to be true to yourself and provide your potential donors with factual information and killer content. It is your story that is going to move people to contribute to your cause.

  • Not only tell your story but also show your contributors the reality. You will be provided with the option to add more pictures to describe your story even more. Videos have become another way to communicate, as you can tell the reason for your fundraiser by yourself through videos.
  • Believe it or not, your face value can make a lot of difference to your cause. You can inspire people to donate with your words that will directly come from your mouth.
  • Keep your content short and simple to reach out to more people, as not many people like to dive into larger essays.
  • If you are creating personal fundraising, then allow your contributors to go through your life-changing experiences. On the other hand, if your cause is more general, throw light on how the fundraiser can make a difference in society. Unravel the challenges and how big of a change the particular fundraiser can bring to the world.
  • Answering these questions of how, why, and what can clear up any doubts, as we all know, honesty is the best policy.

Set Up A Donation Page - Tell your story

4. Customise Your Donation Page

Here comes the fun part. You can play with colours and set up a charity donation page by making it unique and more attractive than others. Setting up a donation account can not only be fun but also one of the most important aspects of any registered charity.

  • The customisation option provides the users to change the colour pattern of the donation page.
  • The colours chosen by the user will also be applied to the website donations form, and additionally, users can choose to apply the same custom branding colours to the emails.
  • Users can set the custom message for the emails sent to the donors and can even choose to set the colour pattern on the emails.
  • Not only the colour patterns but also the user can add their own logos to the fundraiser along with the emails to make their fundraiser eccentric.

Set Up A Donation Page - Customize

5. Keep Adding Updates To Your Donation Page

Now, this may sound not that big of a deal but updating details to your fundraiser is just simply being honest and respectful to the audience. It is important to understand that the donors will be contributing to a cause without asking for anything in return.

At least you could let them know how their donations are being used and how much difference they made by showing this little gesture.

Showing your gratitude by saying thank you is just simply polite. And according to us, being thankful to people who helped you during your need is not an option rather than a necessity.

As a part of WhyDonate, we see life-changing scenarios every other day, and we cannot emphasise more being grateful to the souls who take the time to read, understand and act to help you as much as they can.

Set Up A Donation Page - Update fundraiser

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