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7 Successful Hockey Fundraising Ideas

Hockey Fundraising Ideas

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When we talk about financial obligations, whether you’re a sportsperson or a small business, you know the importance of money. Thanks to fundraising, many people are able to follow their dreams without stressing about financial burdens. 

However, when it comes to fundraising, one not only needs to be creative but also practical at the same time. You don’t want to think of any expensive fundraising ideas that will cost not only a lot of money but also your precious time.

In this blog, we have discussed some of the best hockey fundraising ideas that will need comparatively less effort than traditional fundraising ideas. Don’t miss out on any valuable information — read about the best hockey fundraiser ideas until the end.

Hockey Fundraising Ideas

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What Are The Best Hockey Fundraising Ideas?

Here are our carefully shortlisted hockey fundraising ideas that actually stand out from the traditional hockey fundraiser ideas:

1. Online Fundraising Platforms

Talking about convenience and practicality, online fundraising is one of the best hockey team fundraising ideas to raise funds with minimal effort. It allows you not to restrict your fundraising efforts within your society or community. Instead, you can reach a more comprehensive donor network worldwide (depending on your chosen platform). From individual campaigns to local businesses, everyone can benefit from it.

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2. Charity Hockey Game

One of the most incredible field hockey fundraising ideas is organising a hockey game. Your fundraising efforts should vividly show what cause you’re supporting. Organising a charity hockey game can allow you to test your team’s skills and raise money simultaneously. 

You can charge registration fees for this game and raise funds. Let your team participate, or just host the game and let the hockey players have an exciting face-off. Hockey tournament fundraising ideas are indeed the most prominent fundraising ideas. 

3. Bottle Drive

Since hockey is played on the ground, it’s the team’s responsibility to keep it clean. You can raise money by simply keeping your hockey community clean. All you have to do is collect plastic bottles and send them for recycling. An eco-friendly fundraising idea is always the best.

It’s not necessary to restrict yourself from picking bottles from hockey grounds only; feel free to explore as many places as possible. It is a great way to raise money without asking people for donations. Will it be considered as one of the field hockey fundraising ideas, though? 

4. Corporate Sponsorship

Several organisations are willing to sponsor teams and invest in their skills. But what do you need to give back? Well, they sponsor teams, particularly popular ones, with the aim of gaining more visibility from the teams’ supporters. 

This will be a win-win situation for both parties since one (your team) is getting paid, and the other (the organisation) is getting more exposure. Corporate sponsorships are a feasible way to gather funds for your team.

5. Sell Used Equipment

You’ll be surprised to know that there are people actually interested in buying used equipment. Let’s be real; not everyone can afford new equipment to be in a hockey team. You can ask your team members to bring your old equipment and sell them to the people who wish to buy them.

Social media is your friend, so you can leverage it to sell goods online or simply look for potential buyers near you. 

6. Viral Video Challenge

As we said earlier, social media is your friend. So let’s give you another one of the best fundraising ideas for hockey teams. You can ask players to showcase their hockey skills on social media and get a chance to win a cash prize. This can be one of the greatest fundraising ideas for ice hockey club.

The idea is to charge a registration fee and give some amount to the winner. This will not only allow you to raise significant funds but also help you to gain more engagement resulting in the growth of your online presence. There are several interesting Instagram fundraising ideas that you can’t miss. 

7. Rent-A-Team Fundraiser

Tell your peers that your team is open to work. How about generating funds by offering your team’s services for hire? People can pay for hourly assistance with various tasks like errands, moving, or shopping. You can also reach out to local businesses and ask for their requirements.

This way, you can have a satisfactory amount of contributions by working a few hours with this fundraising event. It’s one of the most effective hockey fundraising ideas to raise money!

field hockey fundraising ideas

Winding Up!

So these were some of the practical yet effective hockey team fundraising ideas that will help you to meet your team’s financial obligations with minimal effort. They are not only creative but also give you a chance to step out of your comfort zone and enjoy while doing something productive. 

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