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How Does Moves Management For Nonprofits Align With Fundraising Strategies?

Moves Management For Nonprofits

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What Is Moves Management?

The term moves management is commonly used by non-profit organizations to describe the process of moving a potential donor from cultivation to solicitation. This is the action an organization takes to establish relationships and attract new donors. A moves management strategy basically manages major donor relationships. It helps guide donors towards making a major gift. It involves tracking and engaging with them as they interact with your organization.

Before a major donor can make a gift, they have to feel valued and connected to your organization. This is why moves management is important. The concept of moves management is simple: donors move through several stages before reaching a gift. Your role is to monitor and guide them through these steps so that you can offer them the best possible solution.

Moves Management For Nonprofits

What Is Moves Management For Nonprofits?

When nonprofits focus on increasing small or one-time gifts they can simply do it through any donation management software, but when it comes to bigger donations, it gets difficult to keep track. So in order to manage such kinds of donations from recurring donors or new donors nonprofits should spend time implementing robust moves management strategies. Nonprofits mostly rely on the number of charity works and a good amount of donations to survive. This is why all the nonprofits should be equipped with a handful of management strategies including the moves management for nonprofits.

Moves Management

What Is A Moves Management Strategy?

The moves management term basically involves donor cultivation and the donor cultivation process involves cultivating a prospect and then moving them to become a donor. This process can be initiated by sending out an email or calling the prospect. The goal of the donor cultivation process is to move the prospect to give whatever they can for a nonprofit organization over time. The steps generally involve sending out emails, calling the prospect, arranging meetings, and participating in social media interactions.

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  • Donor Identification

Now it is time to peek into the CRM for all the potential donors. A well-maintained database can help the nonprofits to identify the targeted audience and makes it easy to hand-pick major donors. One of the most important steps in the moves management process is to track all of the actions that the prospect has taken with the organization. This can be done through standards that are designed to ensure that all moves are tracked consistently.

  • Understanding The Donors

Establishing a strong relationship is one of the most important factors when it comes to fundraising. The art of socializing with people and helping them understand the essence of each step that a nonprofit take is highly essential for all nonprofits. It builds trust and positive energy about the organization as well as the activities that go around the nonprofit. The moves management fundraising ensures a strong engagement with the donors and develops a good portfolio.

  • Proper Planning

The donor cultivation process is built into the gift and donor lifecycles of nonprofit organizations. It’s a great idea to start planning for the future with a strong foundation. Nonprofits should understand the donors’ intentions as well as their behaviors for better fundraising strategies. Focusing on major gifts can make a lot more difference than a bunch of small gifts.

  • Appreciate And Encourage

As important as getting in touch with potential donors, the existing donors shouldn’t be left behind. Be it a one-time donor or a recurring donor, nonprofits should keep engaging with them from time to time and encourage them for their valuable contribution. For that, all the donors must have an idea of how they impact the organization or the society in general by showing some kindness. All the donors should be encouraged and appreciated for their contributions as often as possible.

Moves Management for Non-Profits


The bottom line is that nonprofit organizations have to be people’s person groups and harness the art of public relations to identify, engage and solicit potential donors. For that of course they can bring great functioning donation management software programs and upgrade themselves. Also, properly engaging responsive nonprofit customer relationship management is highly recommended to retain the donors. 

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