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9 Cool Summer Fundraising Ideas That You Can Try As Your Summer Fundraiser

Summer Fundraising

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It’s officially summer! It is that time of the year when people get excited about many outdoor activities that everyone keeps longing for throughout the year. Summer gives us the opportunity not only to move faster for work but also for all sorts of creative ideas on how to avail many creative activities. After the dull and gloomy winter and rain, summer gives us the window to be more productive and lend others a helping hand. The warm weather allows us to take advantage of the great outdoors and raise money for various charitable organisations. 

Along with relishing this fantastic season, take the edge of your efficacious summer mood and do something good for society. After all, no act of kindness is ever wasted. In this informative piece, we will give you some fantastic summer fundraising ideas to make you feel better and the receiver.

Enjoy the breezy summer activities this season by stepping into the summer fundraising field and showing your gratitude towards a better cause.

Summer Fundraising Ideas

How Can I Raise Money In The Summer?

Raising money in summer can be really fun as there are tons of activities one can do to contribute to a crowdfunding campaign. Let’s find out some exciting summer fundraising ideas that can help you boost funds for your fundraising campaign.

Summer Fundraising Ideas

Even if Christmas and GivingTuesday give us all the charitable vibes, doing fundraising activities has its own charm during the summer. So, here are some of the most effective outdoor fundraising ideas for everyone, which will allow you to have fun and make a difference in the community.

1. Crowdfunding At WhyDonate

Whether it is summer or winter, crowdfunding is always there to give you a wide platform where you can fundraise for any cause. Crowdfunding through WhyDonate enables you to test the waters to see whether your idea has merit without taking on a ton of financial risk. You can mark your goal and get some reactions before spending a ton of money. That beats funding any cause out of your own pocket. WhyDonate is also highly reliable and equipped with a multifunctional dashboard for all its fundraisers. Anyone can choose to start a summer fundraiser through the WhyDonate fundraising platform and make the best out of their fundraising campaign.

2. Lemonade Stand Fundraiser

Lemonades always become best sellers during summertime, and they should be. Lemonades are healthy, and any age group can have them. A lemonade stand is an excellent addition to a fundraising event, such as a carnival or a garage sale. It can be very hot during the summer months, which makes it ideal for a summer fundraiser idea. However, it can get a little challenging to keep the drinks cold. Setting up lemonade stands is cost-effective and can bring people closer.

You can set up a table and a couple of chairs for your friends to drink their favourite drink. Then, make sure that you have a safe place to keep all of your donations. Before you start selling, make sure that you let everyone know about your campaign. You should also provide fundraising posters for your campaign so that others can learn more about it.

3. Pool Party Fundraiser

Having access to a pool can be something that one cannot deny during summertime. So, why not take advantage of that and arrange a pool party fundraiser for your campaign as a great summer fundraising idea? A pool party is one of the best summer fundraising ideas and a  great way to raise funds for your organisation or cause by letting guests join in on the fun and raising money for your chosen cause. For instance, if you have a pool, you can organize a tournament or even a free day pass for the winner.

Summer Fundraising Ideas - Pool Party

4. Car Wash Fundraiser

A car wash is a great summer fundraising idea. Car wash fundraisers are a great way to make money in almost any community. It can be advertised on social media and provides a convenient way for the community to support local causes. You only need a few basic factors to make it successful: a high-traffic location, a few volunteers, and attention-getting signs.

5. Creative Workshop Fundraiser

It is one of the classy summer fundraising ideas to organize a workshop where you get to teach people something creative in return for some donations for your cause. You can choose anything summer-appropriate, such as pottery or DIY natural beauty product making, and raise money simultaneously. During the sessions, you can let people know about your cause and ask them to donate some amount as a workshop fee and how their valuable contribution is used for greater change.

Summer Fundraisers

6. Ecotourism Or Camping Summer Fundraiser

During Summer, an eco-friendly way to explore the natural world is by organizing a tour that involves travelling responsibly, which is known as Ecotourism. As a summer fundraising idea, this tour can be conducted in areas that are protected from development and promote conservation. The tour’s goal is to educate the participants about the environment and your fundraiser. These types of tours are ideal for organisations that want to reach out to more people for their fundraisers and encourage them to conserve the environment at the same time.

7. Theme Park Fundraiser

Summers are always about having fun, and they scream outdoor activities. So we have considered including theme parks to our outdoor fundraising ideas list. People of all ages love to go to theme parks. These facilities provide a wide variety of activities and rides for everyone. Nonprofit organisations can also bundle tickets to a particular park and sell them in an auction. The prices for these tickets can be very reasonable, which means that you can get a good deal for everyone and raise money for your cause too.

8. Farmer’s Market

Nowadays, people are getting more health-conscious and choosing organic vegetables and fruits instead of fancy supermarket-packaged foods. So why not help people provide good quality homegrown vegetables and fruits instead of some donations for your summer fundraiser? In this way, you can talk to people face to face and form good relationships. People can understand the core of your cause, and with word-of-mouth, you can get yourself a good amount of donations in a short span of time.

9. Ice-cream Fundraiser

Summers and ice creams – can we find a better seasonal bond than that? Well, there is a reason why not, as the sweet cold bites taste even more delicious after enjoying a full outdoorsy day on hot summer days. From children to the elderly, everyone enjoys a nice scoop of ice cream. You can set up a colourful sundae booth as a summer fundraising idea and sell ice creams in exchange for some amount of donations. Let people donate whatever they are capable of. Put a banner of your fundraiser or distribute some fundraising flyers. You can also opt for an online sale so that people who wish to order online can donate to you as well.

Summer fundraiser ideas

Be Kind This Summer

Summers are always about breaking free from the long-term gloomy weather and enjoying nature. So why not turn to some charity work that can benefit either you or someone who is in need. With WhyDonate, you can create your fundraiser and share all the details at your fundraising event with people who wish to be a part of your cause easily. Let’s be kind to each other and help each other to make this world a better place. Happy summer fundraising!

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