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0% Platform Fee, so let’s start!
With no sign-up, monthly or platform fees, WhyDonate is the most affordable donation platform. 

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With a donation of €10

0% WhyDonate Platform Fee
1.9% + €0.25 Payment Processing Costs

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You receive €9.56

Cost Comparison Of Donation Platforms

Starting a fundraiser on WhyDonate is free. To show
WhyDonate is the most cost-effective donation platform, we have compared the costs of other donation platforms in the table below.

Payout With A Donation Of €10

Platform Platform Cost Transaction Cost
Crowdfunding Portugal WhyDonate 0% €0.25 + 1.9%
Givey 5% Nil
GoFundMe 0% €0.25 + 2.9%
Fundly 0% €0.30 + 2.9%
GoGetFunding 4% 2.9%
Donorbox 1.75% €0.27 + 2.9%
Global Giving 5% 3%
Donr 5% €0.20 + 1.5%
  • The published rates were updated in July 2023.
  • All rates quoted include VAT. Some website mention ex. VAT rates, hence it may differ.
  • In the calculation example, iDEAL is used as payment method. Many platforms charge extra costs for other payment methods
    such as PayPal, Credit Card, Bancontact etc. WhyDonate does not charge extra costs for this.

Voluntary Tip

How Does It Work?

WhyDonate charges 0% platform fees. To host and improve the platform, WhyDonate asks the donor for a voluntary tip. This tip is optional and can therefore be set to €0. If no tip is given, WhyDonate still does not charge the platform costs to the organiser of the fundraising campaign. All the donated money is therefore always paid to the fundraiser.

Fundraising Features

Why Is WhyDonate The Best Fundraising Platform?

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0% platform fee

WhyDonate charges 0% platform costs and no subscription costs. There are only standard costs for payment processing of Credit cards, iDEAL, PayPal, Bancontact etc.

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Customer support

Facing a problem? Our customer support team is always ready to help, every step of the way.

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Responsive design

The pages are optimized to provide an optimum look on all devices, such as desktop, tablet or mobile.

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The comprehensive dashboard provides a one-stop view of all your fundraisers, donors, and payout data.

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In addition to your own network, reach 750,000+ donors and 1,000,000+ visitors a month on WhyDonate.

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Live within minutes

Create an account and start online fundraising within minutes.

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Instant payouts

Get immediate payouts of donations or wait for the automated monthly payout. WhyDonate pays out donations to all European Economic Area (EEA) countries.

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Custom branding

Add your own custom branding and content to fundraisers, donation forms and emails.

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WhyDonate makes sure your donations and data are secure. The data is stored encrypted, and all payments are secured by licensed payment institutions.

Charity Fundraising & Personal Crowdfunding

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WhyDonate makes online fundraising easy and accessible for charities and individuals all over the world. 0% platform fee, so let’s start.