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Stem cell therapy (aHSCT or HSCT) is not yet available in the Netherlands and is not reimbursed as a treatment for Multiple sclerosis (MS) patients. Scientific research shows that some forms of MS treatment can prevent new attacks and slow or even stop regression.

However, the goal of stem cell therapy (HSCT treatment MS) is to “reset” the immune system so that the inflammatory cells of MS no longer attack the brain. People with active MS suffer from these attacks.

Stem cell therapy (aHSCT) as a treatment for MS is only available in the Netherlands in a research context. This treatment is currently being carried out in other countries (including Russia, Mexico, America and Germany).

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MS Stem Cell Treatment

Stem cell therapy, officially called “aHSCT” (also known as HSCT), stands for autologous hematopoietic stem cell transplantation. This treatment uses stem cells that are present in the bone marrow and blood, called hematopoietic cells. Autologous means the use of your own stem cells.

It is worth noting that treatment can stabilize the disease and even restore the loss of function in some people. The best results were obtained in people with early aggressive relapsing-remitting MS (RRMS).

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Stem cell transplantation for multiple sclerosis is an expensive affair. The average stem cell therapy cost can range anywhere between €5000 – €50,000. Before considering a life-changing treatment, patients should thoroughly research the process. Doing so will allow them to make informed decisions regarding the MS stem cell treatment and its potential impact on their health. Some of the most important factors that patients should consider include the quality of the cells they are getting, the facility where they are being treated, and the cost.

Since patients cannot opt for healthcare insurance for MS stem cell treatment, they can surely choose to crowdfund to raise money for their healthcare. Through crowdfunding, all that patients have to do is register on a fundraising platform and collect money for their medical bills. Fundraising platforms allow people globally to make donations through which patients struggling with Multiple sclerose can find a new ray of hope for better health.

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