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Pledge Fundraising: Best Practices To Follow To Have A Successful Fundraiser

Pledge Fundraising

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What Is Pledge Fundraising?

A pledge is a way for people to make a promise to a fundraiser that they’ll give something back once they complete a certain challenge. You can sponsor the person doing the challenge for a certain number of miles travelled, steps taken, days without coffee, or any other activity they’re participating in. You can also set a specific amount that you’d like to give or include the person’s progress.

Unlike traditional fundraising events, which involve asking for donations on the spot, a pledge campaign is different from other fundraising activities. Instead of soliciting money on the spot, a campaign organiser promises to collect donations at a later time.

Pledge Fundraising

Pledges Vs. Donations

Both pledges and traditional donations share the same interest but are different from each other. In traditional fundraising campaigns, the person who makes a pledge would typically be asked to complete the donation on the spot. With a pledge, they can make a flexible payment through an online giving platform. 

A pledge is a promise made to a person or group that will be collected at a later time. Usually, these pledges are made in response to a specific activity or event. They are very successful when paired with other campaigns that are related to urgent needs.

Usually collected on the spot, donations are typically made through various means, such as online donations or checks. When a fundraising campaign is launched, the goal is to have the individuals complete the giving process right away. Donations tend to work best during fundraising events, such as annual drives.

People tend to make pledges in times of urgency, such as when there is an urgent need for aid following a disaster or an advocacy project. While traditional donations are still important, when it comes to fundraising campaigns with more extended periods and online giving platforms are commonly used for such kinds of fundraising.

Pledges Vs. Donations

Before You Start Pledge Fundraising

There are tons of things you should consider before beginning your pledge fundraising journey to have a successful pledge fundraiser. Being prepared for such kind of activities help you understand the essentials as well as the hurdles before you get into it.

1. Find A Good Pledge Fundraising Platform

Before you carefully craft your pledge fundraising ideas, make sure you find a suitable fundraising platform that is ideal for your pledge campaigns. Select a reliable as well as affordable crowdfunding platform that can help you in the long run with your pledge donations.

One of the best fundraising platforms, WhyDonate, is an ideal option as it caters to both nonprofit organisations and individual fundraisers. Registration at WhyDonate is free, and fundraisers can create their customised donation page by following very few simple steps for their future donations.

2. Write Clear Content For Your Pledge Campaign

It is important to let your audience or potential donors understand the reason behind your pledge and how exactly you are planning to carry it. Raising money online through any fundraising platform can be tricky. Not everyone will buy your cause and donate if they will not be able to relate to it.

3. Use Social Media

Social media have now reached every corner of the world. Even if Gen Z is dominating in the use of social media, it is still under the grasp of all age groups of people in the world. With platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, one can easily communicate with their donors and provide them with updates about their pledge fundraising efforts.

Pledge Fundraiser

4. Spread Your Word

A well-designed marketing plan can help distinguish your organisation from other groups. It can also help you build a deeper understanding of who you are and how you can best serve the needs of your community. While it can be very simple to start with, a brand should additionally go beyond just being a logo to include a deeper understanding of its mission and vision.

5. Use Fundraising Tools

Fundraising tools can make a lot of difference to your fundraising pages. When you raise money for a pledge fundraiser, you have to make a long list of to-dos. In this scenario, fundraising tools can help you align your fundraising goals and help you to understand how to collect pledges effectively. 

Right tools like text-to-give, incorporating donate buttons into mobile apps, donation forms and implementing QR codes will do the necessary advocacy work so that you can raise money seamlessly.

6. Aim For Fun Pledge Campaigns

Running a pledge is not always mundane but can be fun too if you aim for fundraising events. You can plan for a physical event or a virtual event depending upon your resources. Pledge fundraisers can go for events like fundraising galas, holiday giveaways, matching gifts, marathons, and many more to make the pledge campaigns engaging and attract a lot of potential donors.

Pledge Fundraiser - Fundraising activites

How To Set Up A Pledge Fundraiser?

Getting started with a pledge campaign is simple, especially if you have a reliable and multi-tasking crowdfunding platform like WhyDonate. Just create a dedicated page for your campaign and let supporters choose their future gifts.

Click on start fundraiser, add your details along with your campaign details, and you are ready to fundraise for your cause. Make sure to be creative and truthful about your mission before you start raising money on any platform.

Pledge Fundraising Platform

Happy Pledge Fundraising

When supporters feel strongly connected to the pledge and the fundraiser, they make donations. This is done through their emotional connection with the community and the organisation. In order to reach out to potential donors, an organisation can use a powerful message to make a financial contribution.

Make sure to keep your donors updated and show enough gratitude for their selfless support. Start your pledge fundraising journey with WhyDonate to have a great fundraising pledge experience and collect your donations without any hassle.

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