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WhyDonate: Your Startnext Alternative For Crowdfunding

WhyDonate: Your Startnext Alternative For Crowdfunding

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Talking about funding, a plethora of crowdfunding platforms cater to the need to fulfil financial obligations. However, there are multiple things that one must consider before choosing the right fundraising platform. 

For instance, platform fees, transaction fees, donor network, features, customer service, etc., are crucial elements that play a vital role in your fundraising efforts. This is why choosing the ideal platform is essential to starting your fundraising journey.

In this internet-driven era, leveraging the internet for fundraising is an intelligent idea. In this blog, I’ll give you an in-depth analysis of the two prominent fundraising platforms – Startnext Crowdfunding and WhyDonate. From fees to reviews, I’ve covered it all, so make sure you stay with me until the end and make an informed decision. 

Startnext Alternative

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What Is Startnext Crowdfunding GmbH?

Founded in 2010, Startnext Crowdfunding is a Germany-based crowdfunding platform that allows individuals and businesses to raise funds online. Its main objective is to help creative people, inventors and entrepreneurs to get more exposure and meet their financial obligations. 

Startnext crowdfunding is itself funded by the crowd. The company has avoided investors or stakeholders to retain its profits internally. Crowdfunding Startnext offers various crowdfunding models, including reward-based, donation-based, and equity-based. Startnext Logo

Startnext Features

  • Diverse Campaign Categories – From technical ones to creative ones, Startnext supports a myriad of campaign categories allowing artistic initiatives to stand out from the crowd.
  • All-or-Nothing Approach – The campaigners need to reach their funding goal in order to withdraw the funds raised. If the funding goal is not met, then the donors won’t be charged anything, and the campaigners won’t receive the money. 
  • Competitive Market – Due to a multitude of campaigns, an all-or-nothing approach, and global reach, Startnext crowdfunding curates a competitive market for the campaigners. This is why it can be a little difficult to market your initiative. 
  • Supports Various Funding Models – At Startnext, you can follow any type of funding model for your campaign, be it equity, donation, or reward-based crowdfunding. This allows project creators to choose the most suitable project funding model.
  • Global Reach – As I mentioned earlier, Startnext crowdfunding has an excellent global reach that allows campaigners and donors to connect with people worldwide. With the right marketing strategies, you can reach your desired funding goal.

Startnext Fees

For Donors – 

When you support a project on Startnext, they suggest adding a total fee of 15% to your contribution, which can be divided into 5% for sustainability goals, 10% for Startnext’s operation, and any additional contributions over 10% going into the SDG funding pot. You have the flexibility to adjust these amounts according to your preferences.

For Campaigners – 

Minimum Starting Level: The project’s most minor starting funding level is €100. This means your project needs to raise at least €100 before any costs apply.

Cost Deduction: The costs associated with running your project will be subtracted from the total amount raised before you receive the payout. You’ll receive an invoice for these costs.

Suggested Cost Contribution: Startnext Crowdfunding suggests a cost contribution of 10% in the project interface. This is the amount they recommend you consider setting aside for costs. On the bright side, you can change this percentage if you prefer to allocate more or less for costs.

What Is The Best Startnext Alternative?

WhyDonate is the largest European fundraising platform and the best crowdfunding Startnext Alternative in the market today. It allows businesses and individuals to access capital and resources they might not otherwise have, fostering creativity, innovation, and community engagement. 

Found in 2012, WhyDonate has been a medium of connection between enthusiastic campaigners and generous donors. With a robust and reliable donor network of over 600,000 supporters, several campaigns have achieved more than they expected, and numerous successful fundraisers are still on the WhyDonate website. 

The main idea is to provide charities and individuals the opportunity to grow without worrying about their financial needs. Campaigners can harness the power of storytelling and visuals to create a compelling campaign. By following the right fundraising strategies, one can achieve their financial goals in a comparatively shorter span of time. 

WhyDonate Crowdfunding Platform

WhyDonate Features

  • Supportive Customer Care – WhyDonate’s customer care always guides you in the right direction. Whether it’s related to creating campaigns or donating funds, our customer service team is always ready to help. 
  • Robust Donor Network – A reliable donor network of over 600,000 donors makes it easier to help campaigners raise funds quickly.
  • Custom Branding/Customizable Campaigns – This feature allows the campaigners to add a personal touch to their campaigns. Trust me, it makes it so much easier to connect with donors when you can customise your campaign as per your needs.
  • Instant Payouts – Getting donations is the primary purpose of your campaign. At WhyDonate, you’ll never face any issues regarding your funds. Instant payouts make it super easy to address your immediate financial requirements.
  • Security And Transparency – WhyDonate prioritises your personal information to be confidential. Your data is securely stored in encrypted form, and all payments are protected by licensed payment institutions.
  • You Get What You Raise – The best part about using WhyDonate is that you don’t need to reach your funding goal compulsorily. In case of emergencies, you can simply get your funds; we don’t follow an “All or Nothing” concept at WhyDonate. 

WhyDonate Fees

For Donors – No Additional Cost 

For Campaigners – 0% platform fee | Transaction Fee – 1.9% + € 0.25 

To simplify it, let me explain –

You can access all premium features, such as custom branding, a robust donor network, customer support, etc., without any cost – not a single euro is needed. However, a minimal transaction fee is required to withdraw your funds. 

Why such a minimal amount?

To ensure that the funds you’ve raised with your heart and soul aren’t affected by our transaction cost. We believe in you; Start Today!

Google Reviews For WhyDonate

Several users have given us a 5-star rating, which makes it 4.5/5 ⭐ on Google and 4.3/5 ⭐on Trustpilot

Crowdfunding Startnext

Over To You!

In a nutshell, many factors need to be considered while choosing the right fundraising platform for your initiative. Everything must be compared, from donor networks to fees, to make an informed decision. 

WhyDonate stands as an excellent crowdfunding Startnext alternative because of its user-friendly interface, transparency, and commitment to fostering a community-driven approach to fundraising. Premium features help you to make your fundraising journey effortless and fun. 

So, were you able to make the right decision? Start your fundraising journey here!

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Donation Crowdfunding Platform in Europe. WhyDonate is a global fundraising platform that connects causes with donors in an efficient, relevant and enjoyable way. We seek to create the best international fundraising platform in the world for individuals, NGOs and corporations. We do this by offering the latest fundraising features.

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