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Reward Crowdfunding Campaign: How It Works, Setting Up, Reward Ideas And More

Reward Crowdfunding Campaign: How It Works, Setting Up, Reward Ideas And More

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Crowdfunding has always been a very prominent activity worldwide. However, people get confused between its types. This informative brief will cover all the necessary information about a common type of crowdfunding: Reward Based Crowdfunding. We will discuss how it works and how you can start your campaign. We will also guide you with some excellent crowdfunding reward ideas to level up your crowdfunding rewards strategy. So make sure you stick with us until the end.

What Is A Reward Crowdfunding Campaign?

Reward crowdfunding is when people contribute money to a project or idea in exchange for a reward. The concept is simple: a creator sets a funding goal for a specific project, and individuals can pledge money towards that goal. In return for their contribution, contributors receive a reward often tied to the project, such as early access to a product, exclusive merchandise, or recognition in the credits.

Crowdfunding reward based is popular among creators looking to launch a new product or idea, as it allows them to raise funds without giving up equity in their company or taking on debt. Instead, they can offer supporters a tangible reward that represents a token of their appreciation for their support.

There are a lot of reward based crowdfunding platforms that have made crowdfunding accessible to many creators, from independent filmmakers to tech startups. Successful campaigns often require a well-crafted pitch, a strong social media presence, and a clear understanding of the rewards most appealing to potential backers.

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8 Steps For Setting Up The Perfect Crowdfunding Reward Based Campaign

To start an attractive fundraising campaign, you can follow these simple steps, and we assure you that it will succeed.

1. Set Up A Fundraising Goal

The initial step of starting a campaign is setting up a goal. You must consider your fundraiser’s goals and decide on a plan you would like to achieve. We suggest you make a reasonable goal that would help you to overcome all your financial obstacles and not be unreasonably huge at the same time. It should be easy to achieve so that your campaign can be successful.

2. Find The Ideal Reward Based Crowdfunding Platform

There are a lot of crowdfunding campaigns on the internet. Finding the right one can be a task since the comparison never ends. You can choose the platform based on your personal preference. For example, some people might want to go with a platform with minimal fees, and others might want to go with a costly but reputed site. 

WhyDonate is a fundraising platform that caters to both the conditions mentioned above. With 0% platform fees, you can get your fundraiser posted on the most reputable and prevalent platform in Europe. It is Europe’s leading fundraising platform that allows you to take your fundraiser towards success. With a user-friendly interface and numerous interesting features, WhyDonate has donated more than €15M with a network of 400K+ donors worldwide. 

Not only this, but its customisable interface, a comprehensive dashboard, and responsive design have made it easier to start your own fundraiser. There is a hassle-free payout system for you so that you do not have to delay your financial obligations. So what are you waiting for? Start your fundraising campaign with zero hindrances at WhyDonate today!

3. Know Your Audience

The main idea is to attract donors willing to invest in your campaign. You must know what type of audience will be attracted to your fundraiser and would voluntarily support it. For instance, if you are raising money for street dogs, you can convince pet lovers to support your cause. Similarly, if you are raising money for your football team, you might want to reach out to people who are interested in the same. You can find their social media handles, email addresses, and other sources to connect with them.

4. Offer Compelling Rewards

As the name suggests, crowdfunding reward based is the type of funding that involves the exchange of monetary support in return for exciting rewards. To attract as many backers as possible, you can give compelling rewards so they would willingly invest for you. For example, loyal fans who support your football team would be even more likely to donate money if you offer them rewards like your team’s merchandise or free tickets for your football match. If you want to know some effective reward ideas, keep reading because we have covered that too.

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5. Curate A Catchy Title And Tagline

The title and tagline are the first things people see when they see your fundraiser. When we talk about a good title, it should be short and precise. Craft it to tell about your campaign without using too many words. You can feel free to be creative to catch the reader’s attention. Tagline must be catchy and playful. At the same time, it should give a hint about what your reward based crowdfunding campaign is about.

6. Be Clear About Your Notions

The backers deserve to know in what cause they are putting their money. It would be best if you vividly represented your ideas about the cause. It must be fully transparent to avoid any future inconveniences. 

7. Attach An Eye-Catching Pitch Video

Crowdfunding reward based should have an eye-catching video in which you can explain the cause of your fundraising campaign. The video should involve the necessary details you believe the donors must know. Those who dislike reading descriptions tend to watch the video, so make it attractive. A pitch without a video would look very unprofessional and bland, so do not overlook the same.

8. Focus On Marketing

Marketing is where you can attract more people than you imagined in your crowdfunding project. The better the marketing, the more successful your creative projects will be. You can share it with as many people as you can. You can also post it on social media to attract people from different platforms. You can also start a blog and reach more people for successful projects.

Crowdfunding Reward Ideas That Will Draw Attention To Your Campaign

Crowdfunding reward based is very significant among people, and the main reason is attractive rewards. If you are confused about the same, we have made a short list of the best crowdfunding rewards that you can consider for a better crowdfunding rewards strategy

  • Custom-Made Merchandise: You can customise mugs, apparel, pens, etc., according to your fundraiser that will attract your loyal fans to your rewards campaigns.
  • Early Access to Your Product: You can provide early access to your product to your supporters and let them enjoy it before anyone else.
  • Offer Free Service: If the previous point does not apply to you, you can provide a free service related to your campaign to the donors.
  • Recognition in the Credits: You can say your thanks by mentioning the donors on your website or giving them a social media shoutout for the success of the funds raised.
  • Provide Free Tickets for any Event or Sport: You can also provide free tickets for any event related to your campaign and let the backers enjoy it.

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Donation VS Reward Crowdfunding

There are different types of crowdfunding, and people often get confused about them. Donation-based crowdfunding and reward crowdfunding are two different models of crowdfunding that allow individuals or organisations to raise funds from a large number of people through online platforms. The key difference between these two types of crowdfunding is what the backers receive in exchange for their investment.

Donation crowdfunding is a model where people contribute funds to a project or cause with no expectation of receiving any tangible benefits or rewards in return. This type of crowdfunding is more focused on altruistic goals and social impact. The primary aim of donation crowdfunding is to raise money for charitable causes, social impact projects, or individuals in need. WhyDonate is one of the most popular donation-based crowdfunding platforms where you can start your campaign without worrying about giving anything back to your donors.

On the other hand, reward crowdfunding is a model where backers contribute funds to a project with the expectation of receiving a tangible reward or benefit in return, usually in the form of the product or service being funded. The reward can be anything from early access to a product to exclusive merchandise or experiences related to the project.

Both donation and rewards-based crowdfunding have advantages and disadvantages, and the choice between them depends on the goals and needs of the company or individual seeking to raise funds. However, if you are a non-profit organisation, we suggest you go with donation-based crowdfunding since you would not have to spend any extra money on the same. Thanking your donors is the only responsibility you will be left with.

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