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Understanding Liver Transplant Surgery | How To Cover Expenses?

Liver Transplant Surgery

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There are many fatal liver diseases, such as hepatitis, liver cancer, cirrhosis, etc. These diseases can be triggered by multiple reasons, such as autoimmune problems, consuming too much alcohol or junk, viral infection, and more. As a result, a considerable fraction of people suffer from liver disease and hence need liver transplants. The total cost of a liver transplant may come in huge numbers that the unprivileged usually fail to afford. 

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In this blog, we’ll dive into complete information regarding liver transplant surgery. We’ll also read how one can afford this surgery with the help of crowdfunding. So make sure you stand by!

What Is Liver Transplant Surgery?

Liver transplant surgery refers to any operation where an unhealthy liver is surgically replaced with one from someone else’s body. Whether this means receiving it all from someone deceased or maybe only part from living donors, it will grow inside both donors’ bodies over time and become part of both recipients’ systems. As children’s immune systems tend to be lower compared to adults, organ transplant surgery should take place quickly for them. 

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Why Would Someone Need To Have A Liver Transplant?

Many cases can trigger liver failure, some of which are chronic liver disease and toxic poisoning. It’s almost impossible to leave when there’s no functioning liver. In situations where you either have a failed liver or you are in your primary stage of liver cancer, a successful liver transplant will be effective in saving your life. As per statistics, more people need healthy livers than those willing to donate.

How Does Liver Transplant Surgery Work?

Under liver transplant surgery, the donor’s liver is transplanted in the same place where your liver was once upon a time. In simple terms, the diseased liver will be removed through surgery, and it will be replaced with the healthy liver of the donor. The complex procedure of the surgery dictates the time of the surgery. It can be anything between five to eight hours roughly.

Liver transplant surgery can be discussed in two steps, both of which are mentioned below and discussed:

Removing the Diseased Liver

First, you will be put to sleep with anaesthesia, and then the surgery will start. A cut will be made in the upper half portion of your abdomen. The cut shape can be either upside down Y or a hockey stick, as the surgery prefers. 

Removal of the diseased liver can be done in two ways. The surgeon will choose the right step according to the situation. Both methods are discussed below:

  • One way to remove the central vein is by going to the heart. The vein is known as the inferior vena cava. After this, it will be replaced with the donor’s central vein. This whole procedure is known as a classical procedure or else caval replacement.
  • Another way is to leave the patient’s central vein as it is and attach the new lover of the donor to it. This procedure is termed to be either the piggyback method or side-to-side-cava-cavostomy.

While the patient’s damaged liver is removed, the blood vessels that are in and out of the liver are cut. Along with this, the tube, also known as the bile duct that drains the bile from the liver into the small bowel, is cut as well.

Transplanting the Donated Organ

In the following ways, the whole procedure of connecting the donated liver is carried out:

  • The blood vessels that go in and out of the healthy new liver will be made to connect to your vessels.
  • The transplanted liver’s fall bladder will be removed, and the bile duct will attached to your bile duct.

Apart from the above-mentioned procedure, if you are an adult patient, you are liable to receive a ‘split liver’. It’s made up of partly the right and partly the left sides of the liver. The smaller left portion of the liver is used for patients who are children.

liver transplant

How Crowdfunding Can Help Pay For Liver Transplant?

When it comes to medical fundraising, there are several fundraising strategies that can be your saviour. There are several fundraising ideas that you can utilise to raise money. Creating an online fundraising campaign is one of the most practical and efficient ways to raise funds.

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Take Charge Of Your Health Journey – Start Crowdfunding!

Some healthy initiatives you can take care of your liver after surgery are keeping in contact with the surgeon, taking medicines as prescribed, and living a healthy life. Liver disease comes with many causes. Diagnosing and treating the problem immediately is essential, as you don’t want to aggravate the situation.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How long is a liver transplant surgery?

It depends on the surgery’s complexity; however, it lasts between five and eight hours.

Can you live a normal life after a liver transplant?

Yes, it’s possible to live a normal and healthy life after your liver transplant surgery. 

What is the maximum age for a liver transplant?

70 years is said to be the maximum age for a liver transplant 

Can a liver donor live a normal life?

Yes, after donating liver, the donor will return to his normal life soon.

What is the cost of liver transplant?

The cost liver transplant is estimated to be around USD 5,77,000

What is the success rate for liver transplants?

As per the statistics for the success rate liver transplant, it’s seen that approximately 75% of people who undergo successful liver transplant surgery can live for five years at least. Hence, the success rate of transplants is good.

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