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100+ Best Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising Ideas

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Fundraising is like running a marathon. It takes stamina, dedication, discipline and getting through difficult moments. Fundraisers provide extra income for associations and organisations. Often this is even the largest part of an association’s income. We have created a list of 100+ fundraising ideas that are unique, quick, simple & free to use for everyone.

That’s why fundraising has become so essential. It not only ensures financial stability because bringing students, staff, parents and the community together also gives a sense of togetherness.

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What Are Some Good Fundraising Ideas?

Fundraising inspires creativity and promotes an entrepreneurial mindset. It unites like-minded people who want to work together for a good cause. Done right, a fundraiser can result in a new network of fans, friends, followers and supporters. The result of those referrals and word-of-mouth advertising is that your association or organisation is promoted even more.

A successful fundraising event can also grab the attention of the press and media in your area. The more positive articles you can get about fundraising associations, the more people will find you. Whether you’re drafting your annual strategy or just a mid-year campaign, here’s a list of unique fundraising ideas that will definitely get you started or perhaps give you new ideas.

Fundraising Ideas For Schools

1. Obstacle Course

Try organizing an obstacle course that includes various types of activities, such as running over a wall, climbing stairs, navigating through a mud bath, or jumping through tires. These are great for everyone and should have enough donations to cover the cost of the course.

You can use the course in various ways. For instance, you can ask each participant or team to contribute a small amount of money to help pay for the course. You can also encourage your supporters to try the course as many times as they want.

2. Cultural Theme Fundraiser

One of the most unique fundraising ideas that you can try is to organize various cultural events throughout the year, where you can focus on different regions or countries. You can ask the students and their parents to contribute to the organization by dressing up in traditional clothing, such as a kimono.

Provide a variety of traditional yet healthy meals from that country. For example, you can organise a theme day, “Discover the Far East”, and serve dishes inspired by it.

3. Students Day/ Night Out.

This idea is relatively easy to organize, as it involves planning an event at your school that is both fun and appealing to children. You can choose anything that’s exciting to them, such as a carnival, a field day, or a slumber party. The kids will want to have fun, and the parents will enjoy getting some alone time.

You can promote the event at your school meetings and at parent gatherings. You can set a fundraising goal for each student and make it a bit challenging but not too demanding. Everyone who reaches that goal can participate.

P.S. –  Make sure that the parents give written permission for this.

4. Disney Day

Students can participate in Disney Day by dressing up as their favourite Disney character. The event is a school fundraising initiative that allows parents to purchase costumes.

5. Spelling Contest

Children participate in spelling competitions as individuals. They are also asked to spell a certain word, and they can write their answers on a piece of cardboard. To help raise funds, you can charge entrance fees for the event or ask the parents or children for money.

6. Reading Marathon

This is one of the cheap fundraising ideas for schools that is usually favoured by parents and teachers as it encourages students to read for fun. The students then get commitments from their teachers and other relatives, and they are able to keep track of their accumulated reading hours.

fundraising ideas for schools

College Fundraising Ideas

7. Dorm Decoration Contest

A dorm decorating contest is a fun way to raise money for schools. It involves letting students enter their rooms for a fee and then rewarding the winner with a prize.

8. Alumni Lunch

A local restaurant can be your partner in organizing a lunch for all your college alumni. It can be held as an event for your own or as part of a weekend for your college. Let everyone know about the fundraiser and many successful alumni will be happy to donate.

College Fundraising Ideas
9. Scrabble Tournament

Participants pay to join. Those who play the game of Scrabble can contribute to the cause by looking up a dictionary. There are also various ways to raise money, such as selling snacks and holding auctions. This type of fundraising is a great way to raise money for college.

10. Dance Classes

This will be a fun and successful event for the college team. You can start a dancing class and teach some impressive moves and raise funds for your campaign at the same time. To gather extra donations, you can encourage local teenagers to join the class as well.

Fundraising Ideas for Universities

11. Community Services

One of the many fundraising ideas is to raise money by offering the skills and services of your students and teachers/professors to the highest bidder. These skills can be professional (e.g. photography, tutoring, web design) as well as everyday activities (e.g. grocery shopping, driving, babysitting). Otherwise, let people sponsor your staff and students who provide community service for 24 hours.

12. Morning Dance

Another fun fundraising idea is to raise funds by hosting an alcohol-free morning dance party. Instead of alcohol, sell freshly squeezed juices and smoothies. This unique idea for the fundraising association is sure to catch on with the students as it makes them more energetic for the morning lectures. Create a juice & smoothie bar where students can order or even create some of their own unique juice and smoothie blends.

Ask for a small entry fee and some extra money for each smoothie and juice. You can also ask for a higher entrance fee, where they get two drinks (or more) for free.

13. Challenge Me!

Organise a fundraising event with challenges to raising funds for your cause. Create an online challenge where participants promise to do bizarre things if enough money is raised (e.g. shave their beards, don’t talk for a week, etc.).

This is a fun and creative fundraising association idea that can run online and naturally lowers the cost of organising it. The participants have to film themselves (take selfies) as they complete their challenges and share them on social media and post about the online event.

14. The Voice

There are many easy fundraising ideas, and organising a singing competition is one of them. Have participants sign up and compete for a prize. Recruit three judges (e.g. university professors) and have them judge the contestants. Make it all fun and light-hearted because this isn’t a professional competition. You can collect extra money by asking for a small contribution from all spectators during the event.

If you’d like to raise even more money, you can also sell soft drinks, chocolates, and snacks at the venue for the fundraising association and encourage people to share the event online to raise vital funds.

15. Eco-Camping

One of the most popular outdoor activities among university students is camping. It’s a great way to keep active and teach the importance of taking good care of Mother Nature. Plan a camping trip that’s eco-friendly and helps raise funds for the university.

easy fundraising ideas for small groups - university fundraising ideas

Fundraising Ideas for Youth Teams

16. Spelling Contest

In most spelling competitions, children will compete as individuals. Each child, in turn, is asked to spell a different word, and they can recite their answers or write them on a board. Ask money from the children who participate and from the parents who come to watch. Ask for an extra contribution from children who want a ‘repeat’.

17. Face Painting

A face painting fundraiser is a simple and easy way to raise money for an association or organisation. Face painting works best if it is organised during another fundraising event, such as a sports day or a barbecue.

It takes very little planning, and the supplies you need to complete this fundraiser are inexpensive and readily available. You will need a table and chairs, plates for the paint, make-up wipes and paint and paintbrushes.

You don’t need to hire a professional performer, but you do need someone who is good with children and who enjoys spending a day with children. Supporters pay a fee to have their faces painted. Have some pictures of face painting samples available for your supporters to choose from (superheroes, patterns, animals, stars, hearts).

cheap fundraising ideas - Face painting

18. Fun Family Day

This attractive idea can be organised many times – maybe even once a month (depending on available resources). Aim for a day on the weekend so that both the kids and parents can participate.

These are fun days for the whole family, but they should be really focused on the kids. They should be fun and educational days. Provide painting lessons, organise sports competitions, organise a dance party, a clay workshop. Appeal to the parents with educational opportunities and to children by making these educational activities fun and entertaining. Once a few families find out and participate, it will spread like wildfire, and your monthly fundraising association will be a huge success.

Of course, ask the families for a donation. This fundraiser also helps build a community of parents and children.

19. Pet Party

Partner with a nearby animal shelter and host an animal party at your local school or playground. Have the shelter staff bring adoptable dogs (and sociable and quiet cats). This is a great opportunity for children to play with animals outdoors and a good chance for some animals to be adopted. Never underestimate the power of children begging their parents for a puppy or a kitten!

You could organise this fundraiser together with the animal shelter. Since both of you can benefit from the fundraising association, it makes sense to do it together. As part of the fundraiser, you could also host an interactive workshop that teaches children how to interact with animals without hurting them.

Charity Fundraising Ideas: Scout Fundraising Ideas

20. Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt can be a fun way to develop one’s critical thinking skills and build camaraderie among the scouts. It can also be used as a fundraising activity for scout troops.

21. Camp Night Fundraiser

Plan a fun night out with scout troops and their friends and families in the great outdoors by organizing a variety of activities that will keep everyone entertained. You can also ask for donations tofamiliespport the event. Various activities, such as dancing and singing, will keep everyone entertained, and the donors will also enjoy the evening.

22. Waterway Clean Up

Scout troops can make their trip more eco-friendly by helping the environment by picking up litter along the river, beach, or canal. There are also various organizations that can provide them with safety equipment, such as gloves and litter pickers. They can launch their online campaign and gather money for their troop.

Cheap Fundraising Ideas: Birthday Fundraising Idea

23. Birthday Party Fundraiser

It’s always a good idea to celebrate your birthday with a party. To make your special day even more special, you can set up a donation box and collect money for charity. You can also add a campaign theme to your party and accept donations instead of gifts.

24. Movie Night

You can create a movie theatre atmosphere on your birthday in your home by setting up a screen or even partnering with a local cinema. You can also decorate the space by adding blankets and pillows. You can charge for entrance and raise money by selling snacks, drinks, and popcorn. You can also create a buzz around your event by advertising in your school by putting up posters.

charity ideas to raise money

Personal Fundraising Ideas

25. Auction Fundraising Activity

One of the most effective ways to raise money is through auctions, as they allow people to buy and sell unique and expensive items at a higher price. Besides being fun, organizing an auction is also very cost-effective. Since people usually get interested in unusual and obscure items, it is a popular idea. You can start an online fundraising campaign by spreading the word about the event and the reason for it.

26. Breakfast Fundraiser

A good way to start a personal fundraising campaign is by holding a breakfast arrangement. This type of event can promote healthy eating habits and help educate the attendees about the importance of proper nutrition. It can be done in a simple outdoor setting or even by asking a local catering company for their food. Besides food, people can also add healthy beverages such as smoothies or tea.

An alternative to a traditional breakfast is to serve homemade jams and cookies or a fruit basket. These can be used during morning fundraisers to encourage people to donate and spread the word about the campaign’s objective.

Breakfast fundraising ideas

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Personal Fundraising Ideas: Healthcare Fundraising Ideas

27. T-Shirt Fundraiser

One of the most fun and effective ways to raise money for a healthcare charity is by making custom shirts. This can be done by adding vibrant and uplifting designs to your existing shirts and letting your customers make donations through your fundraising link. Besides being able to raise awareness about diseases like cancer, this can also help you thank your customers by providing them with high-quality products.

28. Charitable Trust Donations

For people who are suffering from grave diseases like SMA, Cancer or Lyme disease, asking for help from a charity can be very helpful. Usually, these organizations provide the necessary services and funds to help the patients. They can also help by providing drugs and medical expertise. Moreover, local groups can be very protective when it comes to their local residents, which is a plus point for collecting donations.

29. Gift Baskets

You can create your own gift basket to sell, preferably designed to fit different budgets and buyer profiles. You can also combine some of these with bigger ticket items, such as a gift card or even handbags.

Healthcare fundraising ideas - Gift Basket

30. Bingo Night

Join in on the fun with bingo, a great game for everyone. You can charge an entrance fee and start calling the numbers. Make sure that everyone has a good time with a prize for the winners.

Community Fundraising Ideas

31. Garage Sale

Garage sales are a fun way to raise money for a good cause, and it usually involves the sale of various unusual and affordable items. Usually, these sales happen in a local community, where local people, as well as friends and family, can come and check out the items and then buy them.

Since these kinds of sales can be arranged online, it’s important that the funds are used for the intended purpose. Raising money through garage sales is very effective as it helps you to declutter, and any item that you sell gets maximum use by the buyer.

32. Tree Planting Fundraiser

The destruction of forests is a major issue that’s affecting our environment and people’s lives. To help address this issue, start by planting trees with local schools and local businesses. Tree planting is an excellent fundraising idea that can not only help our ecosystem but also set an example for the next generation so that they can host such kinds of fundraising events in future.

You can start by searching for local parks and forests and asking for the help of nurseries in donating plants. This project not only aims to raise vital funds for the campaign but also aims to provide a better environment.

community fundraising ideas - Tree planting

33. Flea Market

Most people have a lot of stuff that they secretly want to get rid of. Your community can use participants’ items to raise money and repurpose items that are discarded! It works the same way as a flea market. You could organise it like Book Market, Shoe fundraiser or Clothing fundraiser. Have a way to collect money and provide receipts for your donors.

Alternative idea: You can also combine these three promotions in one large flea market where books, shoes and clothes are sold.

community fundraising ideas - Flea market

34. Science Fair Fundraiser

Gather local children or even adults and create categories to encourage them to show off their skills in the field of science. Keep it focused on one specific mission area and narrow it down to a few fundraising ideas. For instance, you can ask for donations from a sponsor, sell snacks and raffle tickets, and use the content for your web and social media platforms.

35. Yoga Classes

One of the most effective ways to raise money is through yoga sessions. Not only are these beneficial for the body, but they can also help boost the fundraising efforts of the community. A yoga day can provide communities with a break from their busy schedules.

Corporate Fundraising Ideas

36. Corporate Dinner Parties

Office fundraising events are very common as they hold such kinds of parties to fulfil their corporate social responsibilities. So make sure in such kinds of events, everyone should have a calm setting and be able to have casual conversations.

The goal of the event is to bring together like-minded individuals to raise money and support a good cause. In addition to having a good time, it’s also important that the attendees have a deeper understanding of the startup’s background. This can help them make donations and contribute to the business.

37. Office Sports Tournament

An office sports day is a fun way to bring the entire office together and have everyone participate in a competitive environment. It’s also a great way to raise money for a charitable organization. Even if the event is only a small one, you can still encourage the local population to participate and help raise funds for the organization.

38. Matching Donations

If so, your company has a matching fund program that allows you to raise money for a charitable cause. Make sure that you let your HR department and your community representative know about your efforts. Your chosen organization can also help you get the funds sent to them.

39. Golf Marathon

If you think your organisation will be interested in holding a golf tournament, consider working with a local course on the dates and pricing. You can organise a golf tournament inviting other local businesses for your cause.

40. Wine Tasting

Wine tasting is becoming more popular these days, which is great news for corporate fundraising. It can be a bit expensive, but it can be done on a budget if the company ties up with a local wine producer or vendor. Make sure that everybody knows what the purpose of the event is and that they can make a contribution to the cause as they like.

Corporate fundraising ideas

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Seasonal Fundraising Ideas

Instead of just throwing a fundraising event that’s unrelated to the season, organising a season-appropriate fundraising campaign is both interesting and unique. It should be focused on the purpose of the campaign, and it should also be able to connect with the donor.

Spring Fundraising Ideas

41. Spring Brunch Fundraiser

A community garden picnic is a great way to raise money for a good cause. This type of event promotes healthy eating and togetherness among the people in the community. Rather than having extravagant arrangements, try to make your gathering as genuine as possible. You don’t need to be overly lavish to have a great time; just invite your friends and family over for a casual Sunday lunch.

42. Spring Cleaning Fundraiser

You can help your community by organizing a cleanup event and collecting trash and recyclables. Then, you can hold a fundraising event where you can celebrate National Earth Day. The cleanup event can be held at a specific location. For instance, schools, parks, and streams are some of the ideal places to start. Volunteers are required to bring their own garbage bags, gloves, and garbage picks. They then go out and clean the area around them.

You can also start a fundraising campaign through an online platform, which will allow people to support the cleanup efforts even if they can’t physically participate in the event.

Summer Fundraising Ideas

43. Lemonade Stand Fundraiser

During the summer, lemonades are the bestseller. They’re healthy, and anyone can have them, as well as an excellent fundraising idea. Setting up a lemonade stand is also a great way to raise money during the hot weather.

Setting up a stand is simple, just set up a table with chairs and a couple of drinks for your friends. You should also ensure that you have a secure area where you can keep your donations. Before selling, you should let everybody know about your campaign, and you should provide fundraising posters to let people know about it.

community fundraising ideas

44. Pool Party Fundraiser

A pool party fundraiser can be a great summer activity, and it can be a great way to celebrate the season and raise funds for your charitable organization. A pool party can be a great way to introduce your friends and family to your campaign and raise money for the organization or cause that you support.

Winter Fundraising Ideas

45. Hot Chocolate Fundraiser

During the winter season, which is typically from December to January, warm beverages are a great way to provide a warm and friendly service to everyone. You can also turn these into a great fundraising idea by selling hot chocolate or other beverages at a reasonable price.

You can create a great board set featuring your cause and design a donation box that will allow people to give to your cause while enjoying your beverages. You can also hold a happy hour to encourage more customers.

46. GivingTuesday Party

GivingTuesday is a worldwide movement to give. On this day, thousands of people worldwide work together by volunteering or donating to charities. It is primarily celebrated on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving (in the US) and the famous shopping events Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday. But you can celebrate it in winter and let people know more about GivingTuesdays and how it can make a difference to your cause. You can also arrange any event to do so.

Personal fundraising ideas

Great Fundraising Ideas: Christmas Fundraising Ideas

47. Holiday Sale

During the holiday season, people give more donations than they do during other times of the year. This is why holding a sale during this period can be a great way to raise funds for charitable organizations. You can choose the kind of items that you want to sell in your shop, and it can be very different from other fundraising events.

Christmas fundraising ideas

48. Christmas Storytelling Fundraiser

You can also arrange for a visit from Santa Claus or be the one who gives the wishes of children. You can also hold a Christmas party and raise money for the needy. In addition to telling the children the reason for the monetary donation, make sure that the parents know about the event.

49. Christmas Decoration

It’s very common for people to require a team to help them decorate their homes for the holidays. This is a great way to raise money for Christmas, as you can get paid for the work that you do. Giving the customers the opportunity to know where the funds will be used can help boost their donations. This can also help local businesses during the holiday season.

best fundraising ideas

Zakat Fundraising Ideas

50. Ramadan Charity Event For Zakat

During Ramadan, people give of themselves to help others. In addition, giving of oneself is beneficial. You can also organize a charity event to bring the community together. Make sure that the event is relevant to the organization’s mission and that it is beneficial to the people in the community.

Ramadan Fundraising Ideas

51. Peer-To-Peer Fundraising

Through a peer-to-peer campaign, individuals can raise funds for a good cause by connecting with their social networks. This type of fundraising allows them to spread the word about their cause and provide Zakat to those in need. Being able to give back to others is a rewarding thing in Islam, and doing so through this process can change a person’s life.

Easy Fundraising Ideas For Small Groups: Fundraising For Sports Associations

52. Hiking With A Guide

Guided walks can bring in extra dollars for sports clubs while at the same time promoting health. A guided nature walk is the perfect way to reach people of all ages and walks of life. Ask people for a contribution to be able to walk with you on your favourite trail. You can take your supporters on a walk through the hills, along a river, around a lake or at a national park.

Hire an expert who can keep everyone safe and point out the exciting and valuable elements of the environment. While walking, you can even give them more information about the online fundraising page.

fundraising association

53. Print Water Bottles

Whatever physical activity you choose, staying hydrated is essential. In addition to sports and staying active, drinking water is one of the most crucial components for getting fit and staying healthy.

This is one of the most creative fundraising ideas as you can use recycled materials to create the water bottles making them environmental-friendly. Design and sell printed water bottles to raise funds for your sports club. Find a company that prints water bottles the way you want them and then sells them!

54. Challenge: 10,000 Steps

The 10,000 step challenge requires participants of the local community to take 10,000 steps per day over an extended period of time (e.g. a week or a month). Let your supporters accept commitments on how long they will participate and track their steps (via their phones or smartwatches).

You can also turn it into a peer-to-peer fundraiser. Here you ask participants to encourage their friends, family, colleagues and classmates to join their teams, or they can make a donation to support the fundraising association and raise awareness.

55. Marathon Fundraising

When it comes to raising funds, marathons are a great choice. They are a combination of physical fitness and social good. They foster a sense of enthusiasm and make people feel good about making a difference. Sports associations can also organise marathons and allow people to be a part of it and donate to the cause by giving an entrance fee.

fundraising association - Marathon fundraising

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Fundraising Ideas For Religious Associations

56. Choir Fundraising

A divine music session can be very uplifting and brings the audience closer to God. A church choir or musical performance is a great way to raise funds for the church. It can also be very fun to organize a music night where people can join in and pay for entry.

This type of fundraising can be very beneficial for the church as it allows the members to give back to the community. Raising funds for religious organisations is a great fundraising idea as it can improve serenity and uplift the local community spirit.

Church fundraising ideas - choir

57. Book Sale

People have books all around their homes, and some of them are even unused. You can ask your congregations to donate used or new magazines or books and then organize a book sale to benefit the church. Books are great for everyone, and all ages will be interested in participating in such events.

You can also get children to the book sale so that they can grow more interest in books and donate extra money to the church. Not only that but Churches can also organise face painting, easter egg hunt parties, and even bake sales to raise extra funds.

58. Walking Tours

Churches that are well-designed and steeped in history can be featured on walking tours. These tours can be conducted as a regular or one-off event, and a small fee is charged to help cover the costs.

59. Horticulture Fundraiser

Contests can be created to encourage people to grow their own fruits, vegetables, flowers, and other garden products. They can be simple to enter and can make great summer fundraising events. By doing these kinds of gardening activities, children will also learn the basics and be interested towards agriculture.

Fundraising Ideas For Animals

60. Pet Photo Shoot

Having pets in your daily life is very common among millennials, who are often posting pictures of themselves and their various activities on social media. A pet photoshoot can be beneficial for both the owners and the animal shelters, as it allows participants to donate funds to the organizations that provide shelter and care for pets. You can also create photo calendars and t-shirts that feature your pet’s photo.

61. Pet Dress-up Events

People love to dress their pets in cute outfits, and this can be a great way to raise funds for animal shelters. An event such as this can be very fun and interactive, and it can also attract a lot of people. People can bring their pets along for the event and wear the look-alike outfits that they made. The event’s entrance fee helps the animal shelter.

Fundraising Ideas For Animals - Pet dress up

62. Pet Art Day

You can partner with art schools and schools to organize an art competition where students can create paintings of animals. You can also ask local media to cover the event so that it can benefit the schools and the animal shelters. You can ask the students to enter the competition for a small fee and sell their work to raise funds for the shelters.

63. Dog Wash

You can host a dog wash fundraiser and charge a small fee to help raise money for the organization. All you need is water, towels, and a few volunteers. You can also sell dog treats and toys to help boost your fundraiser.

Fundraising Ideas For Animals - dog wash

DIY Fundraising Ideas: Fundraising Ideas For Environmental Charities

64. Eco-Friendly Sale

Many people are affected by toxic chemicals found in industrial waste. These chemicals can cause various health conditions, such as cancer and birth defects. It is, therefore, important that environmental charities promote products that are recycled and sustainable. These kinds of charitable activities can help the environment and the living creatures on Earth. Source eco-friendly products and sell them to gather money for your campaign.

Fundraising Ideas For Environmental Charities - eco-friendly sale

65. Recycle Fundraiser

Through recycling, we can reach the full potential of our waste and reduce its environmental impact. It can be very beneficial for the global environment due to its ability to recycle various types of waste. A recycling event can be organized where people can donate their old products and buy recycled ones. This can be a great way to support an environmental charity.

66. Clean Up Fundraiser

Getting involved in cleaning the environment can be a great way to raise funds for environmental groups. For a small fee, you can ask the people who can join the organization to help pick up the garbage.

67. DIY Paper Making

Old junk mails, receipts, and scrap papers can be recycled and used to create new papers. One of the best ways to raise money for environmental causes is by asking people to donate their money to charity by being a part of the DIY craft sessions. You can also choose to sell the items and raise extra money for your fundraiser.

Fundraising For Child Care Centres

68. Baking Competition

Children are always fascinated by baking, and it is a fun and exciting activity to watch them work in their kitchen aprons. To make the event more fun, arrange for a bake-off competition between the kids and their parents, and ask the audience to donate to childcare centres.

69. Garden Activities

Give the kids in a child care centre a treat by letting them enjoy the garden’s beautiful flowers and glossy vegetables, and help raise money for them. This is a fun way to show the donors the hard work that goes into growing organic vegetables. You can also sell organic vegetables and flowers at a reasonable price to raise money for a child care centre.

70. Surprise Boxes

One of the great ways to raise funds for daycare centres is by selling surprise boxes, which can contain various items such as art supplies, puzzles, and books. These boxes can be used to keep the kids entertained while their parents work.

Child Welfare Fundraising Ideas

71. Breakfast With Santa

You can host a meet-up event for Santa in your mall or local area to raise money for child welfare during holidays. You can also organize a fundraising event for a local child welfare organization. This event allows Santa to participate in the Christmas festivities.

Child Welfare Fundraising Ideas - Breakfast with Santa

72. Parents’ Night Out

If you’re looking to watch several kids at the same time, try holding a parents’ night out. You can ask your friends to contribute to the cause, and they can let their friends know about it so that other people will also join in the effort to support child welfare. You could also charge a certain amount for your service.

73. Adoption Child Welfare Fundraiser

You can associate with a child adoption center and allow people to fill out an application for adoption, which will benefit both the fundraiser and the individuals involved. People can donate to the organisation as well as there will be many children who will find new homes.

Political Fundraising Ideas

74. Meet And Greet

Meet-and-Greet events are a great way for political parties to introduce themselves to potential voters and raise campaign funds. They should be scheduled at least a couple of weeks ahead of time. You can also bring campaign materials. You can also create a donation box to accept contributions. Make sure to thank everybody who showed up, as some people may not give up during the meet-and-greet period, but it makes them feel valued nonetheless.

Political fundraising ideas

75. Campaign Merch Sale

Your slogan can be used to create various designs, and a wholesale supplier will handle the shipping. Supporters can purchase your merchandise, and you can also hold a walkathon to raise funds for your cause.

76. Community Grants

As a political party, you can make a difference in the community by helping people get community grants. These are funds that corporations and governments provide to non-profit organizations.

Fundraising Ideas For Artists

77. Musical Concert

A good charity concert is a great way to raise money for your charitable organization. Your donors will want to join in the fun and dance along with the performers. You can charge an admission fee and also sell food and drink concessions to support the event.

78. Karaoke Night

You can partner with an establishment or bar to host a fun karaoke fundraising event that will allow your supporters to enjoy a night of singing and fun.

Fundraising Ideas For Artists - Kareoke

79. Art Auction

Through art auctions, local artists can promote their work and sell their pieces in their communities. They can also help raise funds for their charitable organizations by charging an entrance fee. You can accept and sell the works of local artists through live, online, or silent auctions.

80. Comedy Night

comedy night is a great way to raise money for artists. It can be used to bring some good-natured fun to your community and help raise awareness for your campaign. You can charge a small fee for the audience at the door. Make sure that the material that’s being presented is appropriate for the audience.

Social Media Fundraising Ideas

81. Facebook Fundraiser

You can start a campaign on Facebook by following simple steps. You can easily start a fundraising page on your Facebook page and add details about your campaign online. However, if you are not a fan of the platform, you might want to consider using a crowdfunding platform such as WhyDonate.

Facebook fundraiser
82. Social Media Influencers

Today, there are so many social media influencers that can give you a spotlight on your cause, and they can also help raise money for you quickly. Social media influencers can talk about your campaign to their followers, and you can really benefit from that.

83. Online Sale

Social media is an effective way to raise money and get more customers. It can be used for various types of fundraising, such as an online garage sale or a holiday sale. Before you start a campaign, make sure that the products that you’re selling are attractive and useful. Also, make sure that the people who donate are aware of the reason for the fundraising.

84. Webinar Conversations

One of the most effective ways to connect with people is through a webinar. This is because it allows one to talk about the reason behind their cause and how important it is to them. It can be done through web conferencing, which is a great tool for fundraising on social media.

Social Media Fundraising Ideas - webinar

85. Twitch Donations

Through Twitch, a gaming platform, users can interact with other gamers and donate to their fundraisers. Through Twitch, charitable organizations can also start campaigns and ask for donations through the platform’s Charity tool.

Online Fundraising Ideas

86. Virtual Cooking Class

An online cooking class can be a great way to raise money for a charitable cause. It can be held during the holidays or even in the spring, and it can be created as a themed event. You can also ask a local chef or a volunteer to lead the class, and it can be done virtually using a tool such as Zoom.

87. Virtual Gala

A virtual gala is a type of event that you can host where you recreate the usual activities of a traditional event. You can hire a band to provide live entertainment, and you can also hold a virtual auction. You can charge the attendees for the event’s virtual tickets.

88. E-mail Fundraising

An email is a great way to reach out to your supporters and encourage them to give. It can also create a call to action that will help your organization reach its goals and mission. In addition to being able to create an effective newsletter, you should also include a link in each message so that your supporters can easily access your online donation form.

89. Virtual Book Club

One of the most important things that people love about reading is talking about books. A monthly book club can help promote the love of reading and encourage your supporters to share their passion for literature. You can choose to pick a book that relates to your mission, and the book club members can meet virtually every month to discuss their reading.

90. Online Quiz Night

Virtual quiz night is a fun way to test your supporters’ knowledge. You can create this online quiz fundraising event by streaming a live link and offering prizes to winners. Make sure to tell everyone about your fundraiser, and they can feel free to donate extra if they like.

91. Google Ad Grant

Through Google Ad Grants, nonprofits can receive up to $10,000 in ad credits to improve their website’s ranking in search results. These grants can then be used to boost online conversions, such as registering for events, promoting their chosen charity or making donations.

Offline Fundraising Ideas

92. Car Washing

This is a traditional fundraising event for anyone in local areas, and it’s often in demand in the community. People are willing to donate their regular car wash service to support a local organization. There are varying charges for different services, such as a wash only, a dry, or waxing.

Offline Fundraising Ideas - car wash

93. Lawn Mowing

Your club or organization can use this opportunity to raise money for its activities by helping people get their gardens in shape. You can reach out to the public through social media or traditional mailboxes. You can also ask members to tip once the work is done.

94. Dog Walking

For a small donation, you can raise funds from your neighbours by walking their dogs. There are many people who can’t give time to exercise their pets, so this service can be provided to raise funds for your campaign. Dog owners can also give you extra donations once they understand your campaign.

95. Restaurant Donation

Pair up with local restaurants or cafes or a local pub and place a donation box distributing your fundraising fliers to the customers. People will not only give donations to your cause but also tip extra for having this kind of charitable activity.

96. Donation Drive

Besides money, the other factors that contribute to any charity are the practical needs of the individuals who stay there. There are many individuals who can’t provide monetary donations but have various useful items that can be used to help nonprofits or homeless shelters. It is important that the people give as per their capacities, as this gesture can ultimately benefit both the receiver and the donor.

97. Organizing Fundraiser

Either you can hire an organizing expert or host a workshop to learn how to organize your home’s various corners, or you can be the one to offer this service to people and start raising money for your online fundraiser.

98. Carnival Fundraiser

A community carnival is a fun way to raise funds and engage with others. It doesn’t require a lot of money to run, and it can be as simple as balloon popping, dunk tank, or ring toss. Games such as these can be very inexpensive. You can also try organizing a food drive to make the event even more special.

99. Gift Wrapping Fundraiser

You can set up a table in any local area or mall and ask for a donation for each package that’s wrapped. This kind of fundraiser is usually seen during holidays, but you can do it any time of the year to wrap gifts or fragile items. Team members can also help by donating their own wrapping paper.

Offline Fundraising Ideas - Gift wrapping

100. Photography Contest

Share photos from your networks with professional photographers and let them compete for a chance to win a cash prize. The winner will be chosen by the audience, who can then vote for their favourite. For a more low-key version, you can even hold the contest online and let users use hashtags for more conversion.

Raise Money Through Crowdfunding

Raising money can be difficult and exhausting, especially when you have to do it all year round. With so many campaigns and fundraisers happening simultaneously (and seemingly all the time), there is also an element of satiety and tiredness when it comes to giving.

Use the above ideas as inspiration and come up with your own!

Most of the fundraising ideas we’ve shared above are physical but don’t forget the digital possibilities. Online fundraising is now at a great place with countless possibilities.

Crowdfunding platforms like WhyDonate are now one of the most reliable paths where people can raise money for any cause from anywhere in the world. By planning and executing numerous fundraising ideas throughout the year, you can achieve your fundraising goal. These fundraising ideas are just the tip of the iceberg.

Remember that even the simplest fundraising ideas need preparation. Leave enough time to plan the event stress-free. Have fun raising money! Check out our non-profit blog for more tips and resources for non-profits.

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