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Money opens doors, and it is a significant requirement to realise ambitious projects that require large amounts of investment. However, with the rising functionality of the internet and innovation in its purpose, people have found new ways to overcome this obstacle. 

Contactless donations, also known as contactless funding, are a way for non-profit organisations and private individuals to gather investments for charitable purposes or humanitarian projects. 

A contactless donation box could be found at various philanthropic affairs, such as charitable events at museums, churches or public spaces. With the onset of technology, cash transactions are taking a backseat. 

Many organisations and people have also realised humanitarian ambitions with the help of such fundraising campaigns. Depending on the individual donating, these donations may be a small amount of money or a significant investment. People prefer to make contactless donations over cash transactions nowadays. The Covid-19 pandemic has fortified the position of contactless transactions further. 

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What Are Contactless Donations?

Contactless fundraising is a manner of collecting donations for charitable purposes. They are the digital equivalent of a donation box. People can use tap-and-go technology in the UK for up to £100. This makes contributing to charitable causes quite convenient. 

These contactless donation boxes usually exist physically in the form of a machine, such as a contactless donation terminal. Such fundraising strategies exist to ease philanthropic individuals in their quest to aid humanity and benefit humankind.

Donations are also done by using QR codes, which is comparatively more convenient and quick. A QR code is basically a link that your phone camera can capture. It is a way to access anything online, like a PDF, website, page, etc. One can also make payments using QR codes. It’s easy to use, efficient, and mobile-friendly.

Benefits Of Contactless Fundraising

Contactless charity donations benefit both the donor and the organisation in several ways. A contactless donation box helps by ensuring convenience, ease of transaction, increasing accessibility, and overall making the entire process concise and efficient. Some factors regarding the benefits of contactless donation are listed further.

1. Ease of Tracking Records and Ensuring Transparency

These contactless donation machines provide a digital receipt to all their benefactors. These receipts could be used for tax purposes or simply to help donors keep track of their money to make sure it is used with the intention it was made for. Needless to say, this also ensures the entire process is transparent and free from corruption.

2. Positive Engagement With Donors

Many online portals that feature such donation boxes have means to contact their donors, often sending a mail of appreciation or a phone call to let them know that the project was successful and that their hard-earned money was put to good use, changing the lives of many for the better. 

3. Flexibility of use

Donors have the option to make recurring donations to support the cause of their choosing if they wish to do so. They can either contribute a one-time payment or make an arrangement for multiple contributions all through the contactless donation terminal collecting money for charity. Donations are automatically paid to the organiser’s bank account on a monthly basis, often without platform costs.

contactless donation terminals

How To Use a Contactless Donation Box?

Here’s how a donation box is used:

1. Donations Made Easy

Many charities and NGOs are also enabling donors to make contactless donations. They have set up a contactless donation box in each organisation. Using a donation box is relatively easy. 

Some donation boxes also feature NFC (contactless card or smartphone) technology, making transactions at a single touch of credit/debit cards or smartphones supporting NFC, which makes the entire process much more manageable. Others feature QR codes that can be scanned to learn more information about the organisation, what cause it stands for, and how to support it.

2. Cash-Free Transactions

You can also swipe or tap your card at any contactless donation machine and make the payment. Some contactless donation terminals are also set up in a way that they flash QR codes and can make payments from the convenience of their mobile phones. 

This makes it easier for people to invest in the causes they believe in and simultaneously helps individuals or organisations double down on their humanitarian efforts.

3. Contactless Donation Terminals Provide Receipts

Certain contactless donation boxes may even provide you with a physical receipt, thus making it more straightforward to get tax breaks should you wish to get one. Otherwise, the physical receipt is a form of proof to show goodwill towards the donors. To solidify trust and to ensure that the donor’s hard-earned money is put to good use. 

4. Beware of Scammers

It is important to note that the type of technology used by such contactless donation boxes may vary from place to place, so it is crucial to follow the volunteers’ instructions or the text written on the box itself and the accompanying paperwork. 

Moreover, you must be comfortable with the practices of the organisation responsible for the event, and a measure of trust is needed. You need to have a sense of trust with the cyber security systems and be on a constant vigilance while verifying the authenticity of the organisation. Make sure that the event is legitimate and that the event is not a scam.   

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Wrapping Up!

Contactless donations are the preferred mode of payment these days. Amidst the onset of technology, almost every merchant has embraced this technology. Charities and NGOs have also set up a contactless donation box at every portal.

These donations are easy, convenient, hygienic, and safe payment methods. These donations are feasible for everyone, encouraging donors to donate to noble causes. Moreover, they also promote transparency as the donations can be easily tracked. By encouraging contactless donations, you can also streamline your fundraising efforts. So start a fundraising campaign today at a 0% platform fee.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

What is the contactless payment solution for charities?

Charitable institutions usually opt to approach companies known to facilitate and organise such contactless donation terminals to be set up at events. One such organisation is PAYAcharity, which helps charities set up contactless donation boxes at events. They use applications such as Apple Pay or Google Pay for transactions.

What is the contactless payment device for charities?

Contactless payment methods are the most convenient way to make a transaction. Devices like QR codes and contactless donation boxes are contactless payment devices for charities. In these methods, the donor will not have to touch currency notes.

How does contactless work?

The donor cannot touch currency notes or swipe cards through contactless payment methods. Donors can scan QR codes through their mobile phones or wave cards in front of card machines to make donations.

What is an example of contactless?

The lack of physical currency used in transactions could be classified as contactless. Mobile phone applications such as Apple Pay or Google Pay are examples of contactless payment options.

What are the advantages of contactless payment?

The main advantage of this payment method is that the donor will not have to touch cash or swipe their card. Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic, this has become essential to staying safe and disease-free. 

What is the disadvantage of contactless payment?

The only disadvantage of contactless payments is that they have a security concern. These payment methods do not use two-factor authentication. So, if your mobile phone, contactless credit, or debit card is stolen, you might become a victim of fraudulent transactions.

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