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Discovering The Best Crowdfunding Platforms In Bulgaria

crowdfunding bulgaria

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Crowdfunding has been proliferating around the globe as it is effectively used to help non-profits, businesses, and individuals meet their financial obligations. In simple terms, crowdfunding can be explained as using a small amount from different mass individuals so that the cause/organisation can be smoothly financed. It has been seen that crowdfunding in Bulgaria is growing non-stop.

crowdfunding Bulgaria

What Are The Best Platforms For Crowdfunding Bulgaria Has?

Crowdfunding in Bulgaria is just a funding alternative for charities, businesses, individuals, etc., where a small amount of funds in the form of contributions is given by people belonging to large groups.

Let’s have a look at the best platforms for crowdfunding Bulgaria has:

1. WhyDonate

WhyDonate European Fundraising Platform

When it comes to the whole of Europe, WhyDonate is the most significant and reputed crowdfunding platform, where you get to use the maximum of the primary features without charging a penny. Standing at number one position in even the 10 best crowdfunding platforms in Europe (2023), it is widely open to campaigns of all types so that they can expand their potential as much as possible.

This means it allows its users to use all the fundraising strategies to the utmost potential by offering all the services, including affirmative customer service, sharp fundraising strategies, branding features and more. With a 0% platform fee and a minimum of 1.9%+ €0.25 transaction fee, one can achieve great success using WhyDonate.

2. Kickstarter

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Kickstarter is another top-notch platform for crowdfunding in Bulgaria that is based in New York. Irrespective of what the creator’s project is, it helps the creator connect with the masses and collect money. One thing about Kickstarter is that although it allows creators to sell their masses on a broader mass level, the one thing that restricts the attention of venture capitalists or even angel investors. 

In a nutshell, it is a crowdfunding platform for entire business ventures that are new and want to raise capital with their innovative fundraising ideas and approaches and are tending to reach out to a relatively more extensive audience. When it comes to pricing, after successful funding of the project, it charges a 5% fee, and the payment processing fee may range anywhere between 3% and 5%.

3. GoGetFunding

GoGetFunding logo

GoGetFunding is one of the best platforms for crowdfunding Bulgaria, as it helps raise money for community projects, personal fundraising projects and more. One can easily use this platform and get started within a short span of time. One thing about GoGetFunding is that it is best for entrepreneurs as this platform can be used for various fundraisers. Some fundraisers include relief operations, volunteers, medical expenses, and more. 

However, the catch here is that it supports only selective currency, but the good news is that it works for crowdfunding in Bulgaria. When it comes to pricing, this crowdfunding platform charges a fee of around 4% on the raised money after the successful completion of the project, and this money is non-refundable as well.

4. IndieGoGo

Indiegogo logo

IndieGoGo is yet another well-known charity fundraising platform that helps people to raise money for causes and projects. Here, you can choose a funding model, be it fixed or flexible. Here, under fixed funding, the creator needs to reach the set goal or else the money will be returned to people who have donated. On the other hand, flexible funding is when the creators get to keep the money they raise, irrespective of their set goal. 

Although, during its initial phase, IndieGoGo only accepted projects for independent films later, it was open to any legal and valid project for crowdfunding in Bulgaria. However, one thing about IndieGoGo is that it allows only selective fundraising campaigns and forbids anything that includes and promotes illegal activities. In terms of pricing, after the fund is raised, IndieGoGo charges roughly 5% of the money that is raised in the campaign.

5. Booomerang

booomerang logo

Booomerang is yet another platform for crowdfunding Bulgaria has and is known to be the first and the largest reward-based crowdfunding platform in Denmark. 

Creators who can raise money through Booomerang are groups, musicians, and entrepreneurs along with the rest of the artists, irrespective of the new or old network. Although it accepts international projects, the one thing about Booomerang is that it majorly gives limelight to Scandinavian and Danish projects. 

The focus of Booomerang is majorly on equity crowdfunding only. This is why it doesn’t accept any project or campaign that offers rewards in return for money. Therefore, for your next campaign, you must have come up with a plan of providing something valid in return for all the investment done by the investors.

5. Ulule

Ulule LOGO

Ulule is a website for crowdfunding in Bulgaria that is based in France and is circled by community-minded people and innovation. It is more of a reward-based crowdfunding that enables around 25,000 projects to get their crowdfund successfully with no hassle. 

However, one thing about this platform is that when other platforms are compared, this one has a relatively minor reach. Regarding the pricing, the commission may range up to 6.67%. This, however, depends on the amount of funds raised.

7. Leetchi

Leetchi logo

Leetchi is a France-based crowdfunding platform launched in 2009 to support personal projects, group gifts, charitable causes, and more. It provides a safe and secure environment to raise money from a wide audience. Its multi-currency support is ideal for various campaigns across the globe, including Bulgaria. 

Although it has a user-friendly interface, the lack of personalisation options makes it difficult to give an emotional touch to the campaigns. Moreover, it is quite difficult to stand out because of the competitive environment. The good this is that it has a 0% platform fee, but transaction fees can go as high as 6%, depending on the campaign’s success. 

Start Crowdfunding In Bulgaria Today!

Nowadays, people are more inclined to fundraise for their projects than traditional bank loans. The reason behind this is that people go through less labour chain. Crowdfunding in Bulgaria will help creators in Bulgaria to execute their projects simultaneously and invite interested people to contribute to the project or the campaign. 

Thus, this is all the information that was there to know about the best crowdfunding in Bulgaria. Start your fundraising campaign for free at WhyDonate. Happy Fundraising!

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