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How Fundraising Videos Can Boost Donations For Your Fundraising Campaign

Fundraising Videos

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The sole purpose of crowdfunding is to reach as many peoples as you can and raise funds for your cause. It requires constant relationship building and communication in order to convey the reason behind your fundraising campaign. 

A picture is worth a thousand words. On the other hand, a video is more likely to convey a thousand words in rapid succession. Its very nature makes it an ideal medium for storytelling. Also, the fact that it can have audio and photos makes it an even better choice.

In a video, you can see the real scenario of any person and what they are going through. You can also hear the people themselves talking about what they have been struggling with.

Organisations and individual fundraisers know that they need to use visual elements in order to help their audience understand the purpose of their fundraiser. This can be done in the form of videos or images. However, text-based content does not produce the same level of engagement.

One of the most popular strategies for crowdfunding in this age of social media is video marketing. It’s very important that you launch a fundraising video campaign, as people are constantly consuming videos.

Fundraising videos

What Should Be In A Fundraising Video?

Videos are engaging, they stand out and people tend to stop scrolling once they see them. Even if they only pay attention for a few seconds, they are still enough to catch your message. Videos have audio, images, and movement that people can easily relate to. Aside from being eye-catching, videos also have the advantage of being able to provide more information in a short span of time.

Aside from being able to catch people’s attention, videos can also provide them with additional information in a short amount of time. This is very valuable in today’s society, where people are constantly looking for new and interesting ways to consume content. 

For instance, they want to be able to watch videos while they are doing chores, or they want to read subtitles to keep enjoying the content without audio.

  • About You And Your Cause

So, when it comes to video fundraising, it is wise to be very specific about your cause rather than rambling about all the issues you experience. 

Start with a polite introduction followed by the reason behind your fundraising campaign. It will be great if you can show up instead of just speaking more about your campaign.

  • Follow-up Campaign Videos

When you ask many strangers for help, you are expected to deliver to them the progress of your campaign. It will give the donors an idea if their contributions have made any difference to you or not. It also encourages people to engage themselves in more charitable activities. You, as a receiver, should always show your gratitude and thank your donors for all of their kind donations.

  • Asking For Donations

It is important that you conclude your video by asking for donations for your cause. Because the entire subject is about the benefit of your campaign. So, you must never forget and just talk about your issues. Help your audience understand the solution to your issue and how their contribution can help you achieve that.

Video Fundraising

How Do You Make A Fundraiser Video?

Nonprofit fundraising videos are a great way to reach out to people and raise awareness for your organisation. They can be used for social media marketing and online presentations. In just minutes, you can create a variety of content that will help raise funds for your cause.

Here are some basic points that can guide you on how to make a fundraising video effectively.

  • Be Ready With Your Script

It is essential that you write down what you are about to say. Let’s be real. None of us are actors. So the first thing has to be ready with the script and get comfortable in front of the camera. You should focus on all points just so you don’t forget anything. Also, you can read out loud to get an idea of how you sound while you speak.

  • Equipment Check

The best part about creating great fundraising videos is that you do not need any professional equipment in order to reach out to potential donors. Via WhyDonate, you can simply record your fundraising video through your cell phone and upload it on your fundraiser page. 

As an individual or a nonprofit, if you have a great cause, then your fundraising campaign videos can add a huge impact and help you raise funds for it.

If you are initiating a fundraiser, then it is quite implied that you may not have access to high-quality videography tools. So, in order to raise money for your cause, you can create videos with whatever you already have. 

Through WhyDonate, you have options to make your fundraiser page colourful and any customisation according to your choice.

Charity Videos

  • Set A Background

Setting up a background for your fundraising video is important, and here is why. Everyone understands that charity videos are about people who are in need, asking for donations. But that does not mean you will create a short video of anything you like. 

In order to gain support, you must behave like you are a responsible person who needs funds for a genuine cause. For that, you have to pair your powerful story with a simple and tidy background. A Decent fundraising video works best if you have a clear background to show your audience how organised you are.

How to make a fundraising video

  • Channel Your Emotional Connection Through The Charity Fundraising Video

Honesty is the best policy. This should be your primary mantra before you start any charity videos. Raising money for a fundraising campaign is not easy. You have to be truthful as well as attractive enough to be eye-catching. 

So, while recording your fundraising video, you have to spread a clear message to the world. Your personality is what people will view through your video. So make sure you show what exactly you are going through and keep your emotions real.

Tricking people by deceiving them with over emotions is a bad idea, and it will backfire at any given moment. So be genuine and be you.

  • Ask For Donations

Now that everything is set, start recording your fundraising video with confidence. Do not go off-topic. Keep your donation videos short, simple and crisp. After you finish talking about your cause, be very polite while asking for funds. 

Remember that many people are going to listen to you and trust you to contribute. So do not ask for any specific amount; rather, let your audience donate as much as they can.

Charitable donation videos

  • Give A Little Conclusion To Your Fundraising Videos

It is a great idea to give a little idea to your audience about how you are planning to use the donations. For example, if you are raising money for medical care, let your audience know what your health condition is and what kind of medical treatment you are going for. 

Also, speak about what will happen once the treatment is done. Answer some questions like it is a long-term treatment, will the treatment heal you completely or just help you live a normal life.

fundraising charity video

Some Extra Tips For Charity Videos

Here are some extra tips and advice from us to make your fundraising video a success, as we at WhyDonate understand what goes behind a fundraiser and what a great deal it is for many campaign creators.

Fundraising success stories

  • Share Your Success Story

It is extremely important to share the progress of your fundraiser with your audience. Given the fact that they have contributed to your progress, you are expected to give them all the updates about your fundraiser.

You can choose to write or make charity videos about it. But ensure posting your success stories and the complete journey of your fundraiser make you a better fundraiser. As your contributors, they have the right to know about how their donations have been used and if they have been a part of a bigger change or not.

  • Say Thank You/ Thank You Videos For Donors

You may have said something like, “I’m so grateful for the help and support that you have given me.” Being able to show gratitude for someone else’s kindness is something that you should never forget. This is the kind of thing that people can do through crowdfunding, where people come together to help each other during times of need.

Make sure your thank you videos for donors help them to understand that their effort was not in vain. Do not keep asking for more donations or promote your cause at any cost. Instead, thank them for your heart out.

There are various situations where people need financial assistance. For example, they are facing death or a life-threatening illness. Your inner feelings can be reflected in the way you talk, which is why it’s important to remember that expressing gratitude can help people feel closer to one another. 

One of the most important things that you can do to celebrate the success of your fundraising campaign is to make sure that the people who helped you feel like they have made a huge impact.

Thank You fundraising video

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