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8 Sponsored Fundraising Ideas For A Successful Fundraiser

Sponsored Fundraising

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Sponsored Fundraising

Sponsored fundraising and donations are often interchangeably used, though the former is actually different from the latter. While the former refers to cash donations, the latter is usually associated with goods and services.

While donations are usually made to support a specific organisation, sponsorships can also be beneficial to the entire community. Sponsorships are a type of marketing technique that involves placing a company’s name on an ad or an event. Both donation and sponsorship fundraising ideas can help bring a lot of attention and donations to the organisations’ campaigns.

To successfully host a sponsored fundraising event, planners need to continuously improve their business practices and maintain a healthy relationship with their sponsors. Doing so will allow them to monitor and execute their events’ ROI and brand recognition successfully. Having the necessary skills and creativity will allow you to create an effective and memorable event.

sponsored fundraising ideas

How To Get Sponsors For Your Fundraising Campaign?

Most organisations need money to stay in business, and during times of economic uncertainty, it’s more important than ever that they find sponsors. Money is a common topic of discussion among professionals in non-profit organisations, and finding a sponsor can be challenging during these difficult times.

Although there are some outlined potential sources of funding, it is important to keep in mind that not all of the necessary financial models are available for non-profit organisations. Having a plan is also important to ensure that you have the necessary resources to operate successfully. You can find various types of sponsorships and donors, and it will take time to establish and maintain these relationships.

It takes a lot of hard work and creativity to successfully find sponsors who will help with the necessary funding for any cause. There are many funding sources that can help you achieve this goal, and each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. Finding the right one can be challenging, and it requires a lot of focus and commitment.

So, here are some key fundraising ideas that can help you with your own fundraising campaign, whether you are a charitable organisation or an educational institution.

10 Creative Sponsored Fundraising Ideas

Sponsored fundraising ideas can be used to inspire donors to give again, motivate them to take immediate action, and help you collect resources in an emergency. We have categorised these charity and nonprofit-friendly sponsored fundraising ideas so that you can simply grasp them quickly and get started without any worries.

1. Virtual Fundraising Ideas

Virtual sponsored fundraisers can be less complicated than live events, as they require less planning and preparation. Getting online donations can also be tricky as well. However, with the latest technological advancements, hosting an online event can be easier than ever before. There are various tools that can help you organise and manage these types of events, such as online donation pages, social media, and video conferencing.

Not only are online fundraisers very popular, but they can also be a lifesaver for non-profit organisations. Some of these organisations are even adapting their traditional events to accommodate the needs of their audience.

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2. Fundraising Ideas for Schools and Colleges

Educational organisations are always in need of funds. Of course, better funding can help the education system even more and make it accessible to more students. Schools, colleges, and universities can benefit from fundraising campaigns as they can offer new programs and scholarships, complete major projects, and advance academics. 

Having well-designed and executed fundraising strategies can help boost educational quality. In addition to providing educational programs, such as after-school care and extracurricular activities, fundraising allows schools to provide more services, such as childcare and transportation.

Schools can use one of the best sponsored fundraising ideas, like an easter egg hunt or fancy dress competition and develop their students’ self-confidence and leadership skills. They can also help them work together with their teachers and parents to reach their goals. In addition, fundraisers can teach students about social importance and how to improve the living environment.

Similarly, colleges and universities can organise fundraising events such as quiz night, karaoke night, or sports day and get the money raised for their institution. They can use the sponsorship money for the betterment of the institution, which will allow giving opportunities to students who can’t afford it.

3.  Social Media Fundraising Ideas

One of the most important factors that you should consider when it comes to fundraising on social media is finding potential donors. Due to the vast number of people who use social media, it is very important that you establish a solid and effective fundraising strategy. Social media is really a great place to approach potential donors worldwide. 

However, it is tricky to establish your campaign and essential to show your authenticity. One of the most important steps that you can take is to provide the details of your event to your social media followers.

One of the most viable ways to raise money for your cause is through crowdfunding, as long as you follow the trends of social distancing. In addition to traditional fundraising methods, remote working and education have become prevalent in corporates. This is why it’s important that we develop online platforms that are geared toward learning about the latest online fundraising ideas.

There are various platforms that allow people to start and fund their own campaigns. In the case of reliability, we at WhyDonate can help you get started and raise money for your cause without any problems. You can easily start and manage your social media campaigns through our platform.

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4. Charity Fundraising Event Ideas

Fundraising events were initially viewed as a quick and easy way to raise money, but they proved to be an effective way to reach out to potential donors. Fundraising events open up the opportunity for people to know each other and understand the vitality of any fundraising campaign.

The fundraising trends have changed significantly over the past two years. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many organisations had to adapt quickly to the new environment. Although fundraising events will most likely return to being in-person, many organisations are still planning on incorporating virtual elements into their events.

5. Community Fundraising Ideas

Through community fundraising campaigns, people share a common set of beliefs and commonalities coming together to raise funds for a specific cause or group. Usually, non-profit organisations and charities use this type of fundraising to raise money for their projects. A local community is an example of “together we stand” as individuals come together to fight for a common goal.

In order to get sponsored fundraising for communities, it is essential to maintain a good donor relationship. Donor loyalty and donor retention are two strong pillars for any community group if they are trying to flourish.

Again volunteers and supporters should seize the opportunities to get sponsored fundraising by developing effective fundraising strategies and raise vital funds for the community. In addition, community fundraisers should also be able to organise events and promote their campaigns to gather donations.

6. Corporate Sponsored Fundraising Ideas

As businesses grow, they will play a vital role in the development of nations. Corporate fundraising is a process that involves raising funds for a specific cause in a company. This is commonly referred to as corporate fundraising.

The main reason why corporate fundraising is important is that it allows companies to improve their social responsibility and support other charitable organisations. Some corporations are simply not wealthy enough to raise funds from their own revenue. Others are more concerned with supporting a specific philanthropic purpose.

Raising funds as a corporate can be easy through crowdfunding platforms. Businesses can create and share their online fundraising page and encourage people to donate. Corporates can focus on an organised event or even matching giving programs for their fundraising campaign.

sponsored fundraising ideas - corporate fundraising

7. Raise Money For Shelters

Be it a homeless shelter or an animal shelter, they are always in need of funds for those who are in need.  Homeless shelters have no backup, and they are in need of funds to continue to do this noble work. Similarly, there are many neglected and abandoned animals who need help and shelter. Fortunately, there are animal shelters that can provide these services. Besides helping these animals, people also rely on these facilities to look after their pets.

So you can start raising money for the shelters by seeking sponsorships, partnering with local businesses, or even organising marathon events.

8. Religious Fundraising Idea

Religious organisations like churches are always trying to raise more money for various projects and activities, such as construction and renovation, as well as for mission trips and youth group activities.

Most people are influenced by their belief systems when it comes to giving. This is why it’s important that you motivate them to get involved. Usually, religious organisations have a central meeting point and various activities that are designed to keep them engaged.

So getting sponsored funds for religious groups is common, but now it is even easier through fundraising platforms. This way, religious organisations can use their online resources for fundraising activities and get donations from all over the world.

sponsored fundraising ideas - religious


Although there are many ideas out there, the most successful sponsored fundraisers come from people trying to think differently. For instance, if you have a good idea but it’s not feasible to implement it without any strategic planning.

A sponsored fundraising event can strengthen a particular cause and increase awareness of its mission. Doing something other than raising money can also help boost the donations that people make. At WhyDonate, we work with a variety of fundraisers to ensure that their efforts are not forgotten. Through WhyDonate, you can get sponsored funds by sharing your campaign details without any hassle.

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