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10 Creative Fundraising Ideas For Team In Training

fundraising ideas for team in training

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Sports crowdfunding has come a long way, and it’s usually playing for the sake of your team or players. In this blog, we’ll explore a great initiative by the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) that directly caters to medical fundraising, combining athleticism and altruism. So make sure you stand by!

What Is Team In Training?

Team-In-Training (TNT), run by the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, offers participants training programs designed to build endurance for endurance events while raising funds to fight blood cancers. TNT brings together individuals passionate about fitness and philanthropy who collaborate on training plans geared toward marathons, half-marathons, cycling events, triathlons or hiking adventures.

Their primary purpose is to subsidise research, patient support, advocacy efforts, etc. and raise funds for the same, giving sports fundraising a new outlook. The participants get trained professionally for the sport they’re interested in, and the raised money goes to blood cancer-related help as a team in training donation. 

The participants commit to professional training and raise a certain amount of money through excellent fundraising ideas for team in training fundraising page. The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society is fully committed to helping cancer patients through the years and has contributed significantly to cancer research and patient support. 

fundraising ideas for team in training

10 Innovative Fundraising Ideas For Team In Training

What if we tell you can play your favourite sport and contribute to a good cause? Sports are fun, and when they’re played for a good cause, it’s like icing on the cake! Team-in-training is one such initiative that’s conducted to contribute to revolutionary studies and progress in battling cancer conducted on behalf of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. 

Here are some of the most persuasive fundraising ideas for team in training program: 

1. Create An Online Fundraising Campaign

Creating an online team in training fundraising page is unarguably one of the most convenient and effective fundraising ideas for team in training. Setting up a donation page on the right platform allows you to reach a whole new audience and build donor relationships. These donors can be your regular supporters that can benefit you in the long run.

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2. Host A Trivia Night Fundraiser

Trivia nights are a great team in training fundraising ideas to test your knowledge and simultaneously contribute to a good cause. You can decide on a series of questions related to sports, cancer treatment, or anything related to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and Team-in-Training. 

This will allow participants to enhance their knowledge and know more about the organisation they’re collaborating with. You can also offer a winning prize to the winner and encourage everyone to learn more about the program. 

3. Seek Corporate Sponsorships

A corporate sponsorship is a type of marketing tactic utilised by organisations aiming to get more exposure. It is one of the most crucial ways through which several non-profits streamline their organisation’s work. The organisation’s name is put on the advertisements, merchandise, banners, etc., informing everyone that the organisation funds the same. 

It caters to a better brand image, providing more exposure to the organisation and funding to the non-profit. Hence, it’s a win-win situation for both the former and the latter. There are several sponsored fundraising ideas that can particularly benefit you. 

4. Leverage Instagram

Instagram is a great platform that enables non-profits to raise funds through their followers. There are several Instagram fundraising ideas, like utilising its donate button, collaborating with others, posting reels, going live, etc., that can help you raise significant funds. There are other social media fundraising ideas that enable you to utilise other platforms like Facebook, YouTube giving, Twitter, etc. 

5. Search For Government Sponsorship

The government play an essential role in supporting athletes and sports events as these events represent their nation on an international stage. Applying for government sponsorship or grants for athletes is one of the best fundraising ideas for team in training. 

Simply invite officials from your government department to any sporting event to gain valuable advice about fundraising efforts from them. This can help you cover some major expenses and streamline team activities.

team in training fundraising

6. Organise A Fitness Contest

A fitness contest is probably one of those team in training fundraising ideas that involve the most participation. Athletes are fitness enthusiasts as they have to stay in appropriate shape to play sports. A fitness contest comprising several fitness-related tasks and activities can be a great way to test their physical fitness. Plus, the point is that every fitness freak would be interested in this contest. You can charge an entry fee and also offer a winning prize. 

7. Conduct An Adventurous Camp

Camping is super fun when fit and fine people are there to trek. You can organise an adventurous trek where participants will have to overcome obstacles in order to reach their goals. Make sure to plan activities that are safe and not life-threatening. You can post your fundraising flyers on social media and inform everyone about the exciting adventure. 

8. Try Peer-To-Peer Fundraising

Peer-to-peer fundraising is one of the best team in training fundraising ideas that can help you raise money. In this type of fundraising, you can have multiple crowdfunding pages that people can further share among their peers. This way, you can collect more donations and reach many people through word of mouth. 

Word of mouth is a powerful tactic as it’s driven by personal trust. When existing donors spread your non-profit’s team in training fundraising page into their personal network, it allows more people to contribute to your initiative. 

9. Set Up Donation Boxes

Setting up donation boxes is one of those fundraising ideas for team in training where you don’t have to do much physical work. These boxes can be set up at different locations, especially crowded ones. Make sure to abide by the rules and regulations of your respective country. Also, remember to define your cause as precisely as possible so that people can actually read it.  

10. Send Out Donation Request Letters

Another one of the most excellent fundraising ideas for team in training is sending out fundraising appeal letters. These appeal letters are specifically sent to people who you feel can be your potential supporters. To write an appeal letter, make sure you follow our simple tips that will surely make your letter compelling. Don’t forget to send team in training thank you letter after receiving the donations. 


Ending Note!

In a nutshell, the team-in-training program not only enables athletes to enhance their skills, but contribute to a good cause simultaneously. Hence, this excellent initiative by the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society fosters extensive research and patient support to fight blood cancer. 

If you’re looking forward to utilising any team in training fundraising ideas mentioned above, we suggest you simultaneously create an online fundraising campaign to attract donations worldwide. With the least physical work, you can raise money without extra investment. So what are you waiting for? 

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