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What Is Zakat And How Can You Make The Best Out Of Your Zakat Donations?

Zakat Donations

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It is well said that “no one is useless in this world who lightens the burden of others.” It is an integral part of the Islamic faith that if a Muslim has good wealth, they must donate some of it towards a good cause and help the less fortunate. Zakat Charity can allow people to collect enough funds to invest in their financial obligations.

What Is Zakat?

The annual payment known as Zakat is made to qualified adult Muslims who have assets that exceed the value of the Nisab (The threshold at which a Muslim’s personal wealth must be above to be eligible to receive Zakat is known as the Nisab). It is a fundamental part of the Islamic faith and is a religious duty. If a person has enough wealth, they should use some of it to help the less fortunate. This is done through the concept of giving a portion of it to the needy and poor.

By giving to the less fortunate, Muslims can maintain their humility and strengthen their connection with the Islamic faith. Although it is obligatory for Muslims to pay Zakat, it is not required for everyone. For instance, if a person has enough money, but doesn’t possess the required amount, then they can skip the Zakat donation.

Getting to know the various pillars of Islam, Zakat can be a bit challenging for some people. Even if Zakat fundraising can help various organizations secure additional funds, there are certain norms one should adhere to. In this article, we will talk about the rules of Zakat and how they can help you get started.


Who Is Eligible For Zakat?

As noble as it sounds, not everyone is eligible to receive Zakat. There are 8 written eligibility criteria listed in the Qur’an who can proceed with Zakat donations –

  1. Those living in poverty and without any income are referred to as Fakir
  2. Those who do not have access to basic needs and amenities, known as Al-Masakin
  3. Those who are new to Islam and are friends of the community are referred to as Amil
  4. Those who are victims of slavery and are in debt are referred to as Riqab
  5. Those who work for Allah are referred to as Gharmin
  6. Those who fight for Allah’s cause are known as Fisabillillah
  7. Those who are new to Islam and friends of the Islamic community are referred to as Muallaf
  8. Those who are struggling and travelling are known as Ibnus Sabil

Zakat Charity

Best Zakat Fundraising Ideas

Now that you all are clear about who you can donate to your Zakat, let’s move on to the area where we discuss how crowdfunding can play a bigger role in Zakat donations as well as Zakat fundraising campaigns. Most Muslims prefer to give Zakat to charitable organisations that provide funds to the needy and poor instead of directly to the beneficiaries. Mosques are among the most common recipients of this type of charitable giving. It’s also helpful to know which areas of the world are likely to appeal to donors.

1. Crowdfunding At WhyDonate

You can donate Zakat online through WhyDonate at any given moment without going through any complicated process at all. WhyDonate welcomes all kinds of fundraisers with open arms by providing a free and reliable platform. Make sure you find suitable fundraisers if you want to donate to any campaign, or you can also initiate by starting a fundraiser where people can donate to help you with your cause. You can create a donation page that has pre-set amounts for all of your donors. Doing so will help you see which donation tier is most effective.

2. Make Sure To Be Present On Social Media

It is needless to say, what impact social media hold nowadays on society. Every single day countless people swarm into their social media platforms. So make sure you spread the word about your Zakat fundraiser all over the internet and be active on your social media to answer questions about your campaign or thank the donors.

3. Be Transparent

Zakat is a sacred way of helping people who are in need. This is why it is very important to be absolutely truthful about your cause adhering to all the Zakat requirements. Being transparent about how you or your organization is using your donations is very important to donors. They will be more likely to give Zakat to you if they can see how your organization is using their money. You can also use reports to show how your donations are being used.

4. Peer-To-Peer Fundraising

A peer-to-peer fundraising campaign is a powerful tool that enables individuals to raise funds for a worthy cause. Through their personal campaign pages, fundraisers can connect with their social networks and spread the word for their cause. For Zakat, through peer-to-peer fundraising, donations can be donated to people who are in need of it. Being able to help others is a rewarding act in Islam. Doing so through peer-to-peer fundraising can change someone’s life and give them a new lease of life.

Ramadan Charity

5. Ramadan Charity Event For Zakat

During Ramadan, many people volunteer their time to help others. It’s important to remember that giving of oneself is also beneficial. You can choose to organize a charity event during Ramadan, which will bring the community together and strengthen the relationship between people. Make sure that your charity event is relevant to your organization’s mission.

For instance, if you’re in a homeless shelter, you could arrange a soup kitchen or food donation evening. Try to get volunteers for events as it can be very beneficial to the charity. Being a volunteer can help your nonprofit grow and provide better support to its beneficiaries. It can also help you raise money and attract more donors. Having a dedicated group of volunteers can also help boost the organization’s image and attract more employees.


During the month of Ramadan, Muslims around the world are required to fast and perform various religious duties. However, it is also important to remember to do good in their communities. This is an opportunity for individuals and organisations to raise funds and increase their positive impact. It is also important to ensure that the donations are being used for the needy and poor.

Let’s all be grateful this Ramadan for what we have and spread a little bit of kindness to those who need it. Start a fundraiser or donate to any Zakat charity through WhyDonate.

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